Bilan “very positive” for the ComediHa!

1219220(Quebec) out of the traditional gala “stand up” by popping humor in various formats was paying for the comedy festival ComediHa! who prepared a report Monday “very positive” to “the biggest issue” in its history.

“It is becoming the global hub of humor,” insisted the founding president of ComediHa !, Sylvain Parent-Bedard, about this event this year with a budget of $ 9 million. The president has not put forward specific figures financially. They will come in the coming weeks, he said in press conference Monday morning report.

“We felt that the festival are really appropriate to their festival,” said Mr. Parent-Bedard about this 17th edition marked by diversity.

Beyond the traditional comedy galas, the festival has indeed broadened its horizons by introducing improvisation, circus, comic opera and even a show of Corey Hart fence Saturday to Parc de la Francophonie.

“ComediHa !, not only gala at the Grand Theatre,” illustrated Parent-Bedard claimed that this diversity is here to stay. “It’s very important for us to diversify the forms of artistic expression to reach different audiences, not just those who are interested in stand-up, said Mr. Parent-Bedard. We saw people who had never been to ComediHa! It passes by, “he continued on the renewal of what was until 2015 known as the Grand Rire.

“It should also be precursor to see what is coming in the field of humor and laughter and this is brilliantly achieved this year.”

In total, this year’s festival featured 175 performances of 300 artists of 15 different scenes and capitals, which enabled an increased presence in the city center.

At the balance sheet hour, Sylvain Parent-Bedard noted the popularity of loose-mystery shows with Sugar Sammy, Mario Jean and Mario Tessier, in particular. “It was full every night. People were intrigued by this formula, “said the president of ComediHa!

Same thing for the comedy shows in the dark that has “been a great success.” The concept of this show is to put forward the texts.

The presence of Dr. Patch Adams with his speech on the importance of laughter and good humor on health was particularly striking for Parent-Bédard, whose son is himself autism, epilepsy and mobility problems. “It was something very important to me. It’s been great, I discovered a great human being, controversial activist a bit sobering, “said with great emotion Parent-Bedard.

Mini village and the female humor

The direction of ComediHa! also expressed satisfaction Monday capitals built in Esplanade Park for moments “intimate epic” as the recording of Mike Ward podcasts and absurd Show of Jean-Thomas Jobin are, according to the festival, performances who “marked the young history of this new site, much appreciated by festival-goers.”

Other capital whose experience ended with a success that instead of the University du Quebec, adjacent to the Garden of St. Roch dedicated to comedians women like Melanie Ghaminé, Cathleen Rouleau or Melanie Couture’s show. Valérie Blais mystery was particularly ran, noted Mr. Parent-Bédard. ComediHa! will return from 7 to 18 June 2017.

ComediHa price!
The ComediHa! delivered prices Monday, including the Revelation of the Year at the comedian Didier Lambert, who won a $ 10,000 scholarship. At 38 and after years of work, the recipient was particularly proud of this award Monday. “It shows that the work comes to pay, but it is above all a dream, a passion to be on stage,” he told the Sun.

Charlie Price

Charlot price performance of the year was awarded ex aequo to Claude Meunier and Michel Courtemanche. “It was impossible for us to decide,” said Mr. Parent-Bedard about the quality of these two passages in Quebec. Claude Meunier was distinguished with the final issue of the little life he operated at the gala. Michel Courtemanche for his part touched the jury with his comeback after more than 20 years.

Anthony Price

This award for social or community involvement of an artist was presented to Dr. Hunter Patch Adams. “For unforgettable moments he offered to children at the University Hospital of Quebec,” said Sylvain Parent-Bedard who founded the prize in honor of his son Antoine who suffers from autism, epilepsy and motor difficulties .

Price International Recognition

Presented for the first time this year, this award an outside artist is given to Eric Lampaert. “I was your favorite, but you, you were my favorite,” said video Briton who now lives in Los Angeles.

Glasses here to stay
The humor of Quebec amateur has not finished to wear sunglasses if one believes the president of ComediaHa !, Sylvain Parent-Bedard. The festival has every intention to return with this pass, a novelty noticed this year. “It is clear that we will keep the yellow glasses for the coming years,” said Mr. Parent-Bedard claimed that see the glasses before the eyes, head or neck of festival has contributed to the visibility the event. The President of ComediaHa! however, said that the model will obviously going to change, just to avoid the temptation to emphasize his pass 2016 next year …

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