Big sushis risks: doctors worries

Who, in France, does not like sushi? As in many European countries , making “sushi night” has become as normal as “getting a DoMac”, which can be understandable, and all sushi lovers will not be there to say the opposite. And if you learned that in some cases eating sushi could have adverse health effects ? This is in any case what European doctors are willing to think.

It is in the BMJ Case Reports that the doctor Joana Carmo speaks about anisakiasis, a disease well known in Japan. In Portugal, a 32-year-old patient contracted this parasitosis, and was therefore the victim of symptoms such as: severe intestinal pain, nausea, repeated vomiting, etc. In sum, all the classic symptoms of food poisoning. All this was for the good part of the story.

Hang on because research followed and more serious auscultation of the patient, and it is not pretty pretty … Indeed, the people who took care of him in the hospital managed to discover the Presence of a parasite in its intestines: a small white larva several centimeters in length (miam miam). This is what leads us directly to Japan: this larva (which was observed for the first time in the 1960s in the Netherlands) is particularly present in Japan, where fish are very frequently tasted raw, in dishes such as Sushi, sashimi, and so on. Anisakis, this parasite, is found in the stomach of fish.

If you think that this happens to others, think again immediately, because according to the doctor, one is far from the account. Indeed, in order to give a few figures and history to sensitize a little sushi lovers to the dangers they risk, she advanced this:

Anisakiasis is a more frequent disease than is believed in European countries. One study found that anisakis was found in 39.4% of fresh mackerel in a market in Granada, Spain. 56% of whiting sold in five supermarket chains is infested

These figures are frightening, especially that has u Japan, continue to occur from 2000 to 3000 cases of anisakiasis year, which could lead us to consider as we Europeans consume more and more raw fish. But there is good news in all this, or at least a consolation lot: this small larva is not too dangerous for human health and apart from the symptoms mentioned above, it should not Put your life on the line. After, it all depends on whether the idea of ​​having a parasite wandering around in your intestines pleases you so much. And then there was one to whom it had not been so successful raw fish …

In order to avoid any problem, it is therefore highly recommended that you cook your fish well or freeze it. Be aware, however, that restaurants, especially sushi, have an obligation to serve their raw fish while respecting the maintenance of the cold chain . Indeed, the law requires a freezing of minimum 24 hours at -20 ° C in order to eliminate any trace of parasites and therefore the risks of infection.

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