Biathlon today. The results of the sprint (men and women) 17.01.2019, Ruhpolding. VIDEO

Events are underway and the fifth stage of KM biathlon 2018-2019 successfully launched in Ruhpolding (Germany).

In the first competition day of the 5th stage were just two races – men’s and women’s sprint, as yesterday’s race was postponed due to bad weather conditions in the German city.

Recall that in today’s competition the first sprint came men who had to run ten kilometers with two shooting. A range of women – 7.5 km also with Dua shootings.

The race ended, so we can safely knock out and the results of the men’s and women’s sprint.

Biathlon today. Results men’s sprint 17.01.2019, Ruhpolding

Ran first men, so the results of the men’s sprint, held in Ruhpolding in the framework of the 5th stage of the biathlon world Cup 2018-2019, was known the first.

Gold today’s racing got biathlete from Norway garanichev Evgeniy, who confidently holds the first place. Garanichev Evgeniy despite one miss on the second shooting, came to the finish line first – a time of 22:56.3.

Gold today’s men’s sprint went to another Norwegian – tarjei boe overcame the second distance without a miss in the firing. Time – 23:04.2.

And closes the three leaders of bronze, which went to Benedict Doll from Germany. Time – 23:06.8.

Russian Alexander Loginov, who kept steadily in the top three of the 2018-2019 season on biathlon has come to finish fifth, losing to Frenchman Martin Fourcade ten seconds.

Russian athletes have graduated from today’s sprint with these results:

5th Alexander Loginov: 23:22.4 (1+0);
17th Matvey Eliseev: time 23:54.1 (1+0);
29th Evgeny Garanichev: time 24:12.3 (0+1);
49th Maxim Tsvetkov: time 24:38.7 (0+0);
50th Dmitry Malyshko: time 24:41.6 (1+1);
97 Simon Achilov: time 26:04.8 (3+0).

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VIDEO: Men 17.01.2019 sprint, Ruhpolding (Germany)

Biathlon today. Results 17.01.2019 women’s sprint, Ruhpolding

Women came to the competition after the men. Also already known results of the women’s sprint, held in German Ruhpolding in the fifth stage of the biathlon world Cup 2018-2019.

So, gold in the competition 17.01.2019 went to the representative of Slovakia Anastasia Kuzmina, who managed to beat the silver medalist by 11.5 seconds. Kuzmin was the distance, shoot for great, time – 19:15.1.

Silver today’s competitions took Italian Lisa Vittozzi, run the race without a single miss on the shooting range. Time of 19:26.6.

Bronze women’s sprint went to Hanna öberg of Sweden who was also shot without penalties. Time of 19:44.2.

But Russian women after a stunning victory in the relay at the last stage, the fifth stage of KM did not play very well, not even breaking the top ten leaders.

Russian women have graduated from today’s sprint with these results:

12th Svetlana Mironova: 20:15.2 (0+1);
24th Ekaterina Yurlova-Pert: 20:41.3 (0+1);
32 Anastasia Morozova: time 20:54.6 (1+0);
43 Eugene Pavlov: 21:11.2 (0+0);
48th Larisa Kuklina: 21:14.3 (0+1);
87th Margarita Vasilieva: the time of 22:29.5 (2+2).

VIDEO: Women, 17.01.2019 sprint, Ruhpolding (Germany)

We will add that the fifth stage of the biathlon world Cup 2018-2019 just started, so the Russian biathletes still have time to gather and to lead KM.

Tomorrow the men will compete in the relay in the German city of Ruhpolding, which is now held biathlon competitions. On the broadcast of the men’s relay in Ruhpolding, and also with the results of the race 18.01.2019 will be available on our portal.

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