Between lies and truth

henri-chasse-danielle-proulx-marc(Bromont) CRITICAL / Bernard Fortin promised us – not once but twice – that two naked men would depart vaudeville too often exploited in summer theater. The room had assured the director, would be funny and thoughtful. If the title alone made us doubt, it is clear that the director was quite right.

Scenario: the very stable and respectable lawyer Alain Maher brand awakens in him naked – literally – along with his colleague Nicholas Rioux, equally naked. Confused, surprised, neither one nor the other did manage to explain the scene. When Catherine Maher’s wife comes home, all this beautiful world is confused by lies and fantasies.

“I still have the right to bring the work home,” even the lawyer pleads Madame to get by his (very) predicament.

Who is right? Who knows what? Who is manipulating whom? It is unlikely that the two naked men out to demonstrate in a half hour, with the theme of homosexuality in the foreground.

If some eyes and chaste ears may be a little surprised, especially in the first minutes, most spectators will surely not formalize.

Frankly, Two naked men is a straightforward comedy, but that does not try to make people laugh at all costs. No, the audience does not slap their thighs uninterrupted. The room does have the power – in fact, this is its main strength – to keep the curious and attentive audience from beginning to end.

Retail significant, the piece is planted in a beautiful setting, which leads nicely during transitions between scenes. Not to break the rhythm, production has also had the excellent idea of ​​sacrificing the intermission. WE love.

We also like the fact that Bernard Fortin has adapted this piece of Parisian origin to reality here, both dialogues plan theme of the treatment. With some eye winks passing Donald Trump … and St. Paul d’Abbotsford!

good performance

Note also the brilliance of the actors. Present from beginning to end, Henri Chassé offers solid performance in his role as “homo who assumes or homo who does not know.” More accustomed to dramatic roles, it seems to swim in the comedy with a happy assumed.

Danielle Proulx did seem a little hesitant when he arrived in the decor. The great actress was quick, however, to regain his composure and to use all the room for each of his appearances.

For us the surprise of the evening has been Marc St-Martin, a born comedian who is having a field day in the role of junior partner struggling to understand what a mess it is.

Yet it is during the brief appearance of Marie-Pier Labrecque, in seductress lightly dressed and very talkative, the room laughs spontaneously. So, the words are not always essential to make people laugh …

Conclusion: imperfect piece, but intriguing, well acted, and that despite an ending that does not answer all the questions, should please a lot of people.

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