Between 90 days and 24 months for Michael Bergeron

michael-bergeron-ira-officiellement-prisonImpulsivity Michael Bergeron officially bring in prison. He will know on July 28 the time it will spend, which will vary between 90 days and 24 months.

The man of 28 years returned Monday morning at the Chicoutimi courthouse to attend performances of his sentence for break and enter and assault causing harm to the place of a man of 76 years deaf and mute. He pleaded guilty in February to the main accusations to driving while disqualified and breach of commitment.

The story goes back to November 23 at the Plaza Mayors in Jonquière (Kénogami sector). The young son of Bergeron arrives at the house running and saying that the neighbor had strangled. The accused was neither one nor two. He walked with a firm step towards the housing of the victim. He knocked repeatedly at the door. When the old man opened Bergeron grabbed him by the collar, pulled him out of the slot and threw to the ground. Seeing that it was a senior, Bergeron raised its victim and brought him into the house. The man fell to the ground again.

Before Judge Pierre Lortie, of the Court of Québec, Sébastien Vallée, Crown prosecutor, noted that the crime is serious. “This is a special situation, which is similar to a home invasion in the sense that he went to a house, a place where people should feel safe. This sense is even more true because of the disability of victims, because they live in a situation of isolation and vulnerability, “said Mr. Valley.

“The defendant has lost patience and control. This has angered and used violence against an elderly person to resolve the situation, “the Crown attorney, who claims 18 to 24 months imprisonment.

On the other side of the table, Me Boulianne Julien does not believe that such a sentence is appropriate for his client, who notably full custody of her child of eight. Instead, he advocates an intermittent sentence of 90 days. “There was no premeditation. My client did not hit the victim. There were no hits. He was not still justified to do so. My client could not do himself justice. He knows he reacted badly. The story was publicized and he also received threats on social networks and treated all the names, “notes Mr. Boulianne.

“Mr. Bergeron is an anxious person, which can be explained by a major trauma in his youth. His mother was assaulted in front of him by a man coming out of prison. He witnessed and could not do anything to defend her mother. He was only 10 or 11 years. That may explain his problem impulsivity and anxiety, “said the lawyer in defense.

The folder will return to court on 28 July. Lortie The judge will make a decision.

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