Better than sports: a fast, easy way to get rid of depression

Лучше, чем спорт: быстрый, легкий способ избавиться от депрессии

Scientists have discovered a readily available remedy for depression for the lazy and claim that it is better than sports

Hot tubs can be a more effective way of treating depression than sports training, say scientists from the University of Freiburg in Germany.

Лучше, чем спорт: быстрый, легкий способ избавиться от депрессии

According to experts, people who take a hot bath for one hour twice a week, improve your mental health much better than those who regularly trains.

Presumably, this effect may be due to the fact that the bath temperature restores the natural rhythm of the body, which can be disturbed in patients with depression. On the assumption that regular bathing is a quick and easy way to deal with depression than just exercise, people are more likely to continue to use the hot tubs in the long term.

In the study, experts tested the influence of hot baths for 45 people with moderate or severe depression. The average age of participants was 48 years. The subjects were randomly divided into two groups – one group took hot tubs twice a week, while another group twice a week I played sports. The first group stayed in the tub a temperature of 40°C for 30 minutes and then for 20 minutes to relax by using hot water bottles. Participants in the second group for 40-45 minutes doing aerobic exercises – Jogging, dancing or swimming.

Experts have found that hot baths are quick, safe and readily available method leading to clinically significant reduction of symptoms of depressive disorder as early as two weeks.

Лучше, чем спорт: быстрый, легкий способ избавиться от депрессии

The subjects of the first group showed a reduction in symptoms of depression by 6 points, while the subjects from the second group were able to reduce the severity of symptoms of depression only at 3 points. Scientists say that the use of hot tubs as a method of dealing with depression is suitable for patients who have problems with exercise.

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