Best friend Kamensky boasted spicy poses: “Beware the Photocall for adults!”

Лучшая подруга Каменских похвасталась пикантными позами: "Осторожно, фотосессия для взрослых!"

Anna Zavgorodnyaya is the best friend of Nastya Kamenskih, girls very often appear together at public events, and then post pictures with their pages in social networks

Moreover, Kamensky often appears in clothing from the brand Anna Zavgorodny, who is a designer.

Лучшая подруга Каменских похвасталась пикантными позами: "Осторожно, фотосессия для взрослых!"

So, this time the wife of Alex from “Time and Glass”, which is actively promoting Instagram page, this time pleased users of the hot thumbs of a daring photo shoot.

It is no secret that Anna often pleases the audience with some cute pictures with her husband, and also dominates the Network of candid photos. This time, for example, the girl stunned racy outfits.

As it turned out, the beauty took part in a shoot for fashion glossy magazines. Before the lens of photographer Anna appeared in a mini-dress as well as underwear with a jacket.

Followers Andreychuk-Zavgorodniy was in awe of her image. Someone even made her a chic compliment, comparing the girl sister Kim Kardashian – supermodel Kendall Jenner.

Early also fans of celebrities drew hot beach photo that a friend Kamensky has published on his page. The photo of Anna posing in open bikinis bright yellow color with a leopard print.

“Paradise”, is briefly signed photo Anna Zavgorodnyaya. Netizens in turn immediately began to comment on the new post.

Note, in the day of his wedding Potap finally confirmed the speculation, he confessed his love for his beloved and really talked about the wedding singer. With a romantic clip of its new song, the singer said about the love of Kamensky to the whole world. On the pages of artists in the section of stories in Instagram appeared a series of photos and videos from their honeymoon. So, presented frames it is possible to notice that the couple visited a concert, enjoyed the dancing and the performances, admired the nature and brightly rested in an unusual restaurant, near which rested wild animals.

The artists themselves on some of the video were walking arm in arm and cute holding hands.

Лучшая подруга Каменских похвасталась пикантными позами: "Осторожно, фотосессия для взрослых!"

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Also Nastya has shared a video from rest, which showed how spending time together with his spouse the Positive. It is noteworthy that in the frame for the first time no Potap and Kamenskih she jokingly spanked girlfriend.

A little later she had shared a few more photos from the rest and showed how spending time on the beach in Antalya. Recall that recently Nastya Kamensky pleased the fans, laying out in the Stories on his page in Instagram video from the second day of the celebration. Even here the singer without makeup, but many fans said that she is even more beautiful than professional Macapa.

Лучшая подруга Каменских похвасталась пикантными позами: "Осторожно, фотосессия для взрослых!"

The second day of the wedding, the couple celebrated with a much smaller scale. Feast the newly-made husband and wife had a family and close friends.

One of the video pair of cute kissing, the cries of the guests “Bitter”. All the other guests gathered around the table, sing famous Ukrainian song. The situation in Ukrainian peace.Fans of the pair also happy for the newlyweds.

Recall, Potap Kamenskih showed on the wedding day in his underwear.

As reported Politeka, wedding Kamenskih and Potap: bride showed sensual photos and a touching confession of love.

Also Politeka wrote that appeared the first photos of a gorgeous restaurant near Kiev, where they will celebrate the wedding Potap and Kamenskih.