Best case: the new national anthem of Ukraine unexpected video

Лучший вариант: опубликован новый гимн Украины, неожиданное видео

The Ukrainians proposed to change the national Anthem of Ukraine

National Anthem of Ukraine requires “adjustments” if not a full “replacement”. In a network there was a discussion that the national Anthem is boring and has no positive, optimistic color.

This opinion was expressed by the head of political programs of the Ukrainian Institute for the future Yuri Romanenko, writes Рoliteka (to view the video, dockrillia to the end).

“I think we should change the anthem to something more optimistic and more accurately reflects the essence of the processes in Ukraine. I think the best option would be this. Imagine how roared the rostrum before a football match. All would slam in tact and the result had never be sad. Imagine in the morning or 6-00 in the performance. Positive, females*, for the whole day. And in the evening? 24-00 here: “TA-TA-taaaa, TA-TA-TA-taaaaa”. Depart to bed confident that tomorrow will be the same as the previous one,” the author writes.

Лучший вариант: опубликован новый гимн Украины, неожиданное видео

Лучший вариант: опубликован новый гимн Украины, неожиданное видео

Ukrainians actively comment on a post:

“The hymn beginning with “Sche not vmerla…” – clearly failed”

“Polish and Ukrainian anthems begin the same way, an obvious rip-off. “Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła…” But the Polish sounds fresher”

“”Tomorrow will be the same as the previous” – takoe unpredictable and crazy”

Лучший вариант: опубликован новый гимн Украины, неожиданное видео Лучший вариант: опубликован новый гимн Украины, неожиданное видео Лучший вариант: опубликован новый гимн Украины, неожиданное видео

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Лучший вариант: опубликован новый гимн Украины, неожиданное видео

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We also recall that on 18 October the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky met, once, colleagues and representatives of sports, publishing, art.

The meeting was attended by the figures of the theatrical art, representatives of cinema, TV, music and academics. In particular, it was attended by TV presenter Andriy Palchevsky, along with such famous Ukrainian artists as rapper and producer Potap, ballerina Kateryna Kuhar, popular performers and songwriters DZIDZIO, Dmitry Shurov, Tina Karol, TV presenter Les nikitiuk, actress Olga Sumska and others.

The President gathered everyone to discuss the current state of cultural and scientific spheres, as well as sports niche:

“For us it is very important that we were a unified team. If we understand that we’re in the same boat and want to sail forward, not back, then I think there is a lot we can “, — said Vladimir Zelensky.

According to the President, mental unity and the return of Ukrainians who now live in the temporarily occupied territories — the main objectives of the joint work of politicians and humanitarians of the country:

“The most important thing — one great idea: not with weapons but through diplomacy, to win this war. And it is here, in this battle, in diplomacy, and there is a big challenge for all cultural figures, ” — said Vladimir Zelensky and added that it is necessary to shape the Ukrainian mentality:

“There are different people in Ukraine, and our mission is to live in the same space, regardless of language, nationality, religion,” — said Vladimir Zelensky.

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