Berthold Gagnon had to calm down

semaine-derniere-berthold-gagnon-pasBerthold Gagnon arrived at the Chicoutimi courthouse much calmer than last week. He grumbled a bit to learn that new charges were filed against him, but nothing compares to the previous week.

Veteran of the judicial scene, the man of Saint-Fulgence faces a variety of charges in connection with events that occurred between April 16 and May 25. Individuals 67 years is charged with possession of cannabis and cocaine, theft of gas, many breach of probation, driving while intoxicated, reckless driving, having escaped from the police, threats against Constabulary, theft of a bottle of vodka, mischief and fraud.

Stopped there several days, Gagnon saw first judge denied his release on 20 May.

Upon returning to the courthouse four days later, Berthold Gagnon entered hailing a defense lawyer and did the same with one of his friends sitting in the courtroom. A bit like he was in his living room.

The argument escalated later when he learned that his lawyer, Olivier Theoret, was not present to represent him.

He threw his venom on the lawyers there, saying they were no good, they were very lucky to be well dressed, because it was thanks to him, and some were playing the big head because they allowed not to want to represent it. “But it’s a real drama that I see here. It looks like Tartuffe (comedy in five acts by Molière). This is not justice, but buffoonery that I have before me, “commented Berthold Gagnon, last week.

“I had a lawyer, but he does not want to know anything about me. He went too high. Now I Théorêt me, it’s the only one that makes sense. If it is not there, it does not matter. Not guilty, because no one is able to prove anything against me, “said Gagnon.

At that time, Judge Jean-Paul Aubin, of the Court of Québec, asked him to calm down and work with justice. Gagnon replied that he had swayed from what the judge had to say.

Monday morning, Berthold Gagnon was much quieter after having spent the last five days in the prison of Roberval. He grumbled a bit when the judge Aubin was told he faced a dozen charges, including two new ones. But overall, he remained rather quiet.

His case returns Thursday.

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