Bernard Noel suspended 60 days

conseiller-bernard-noel-sera-suspenduCouncilman Bernard Christmas assessed a 60-day suspension without pay, allowance or any other amount paid by the city or an organization on which he sits as a board member.

Municipal Commission of Quebec (CMQ) issued its decision Thursday in the alderman’s record who made a trip to France with his family in 2013 to attend a stage of the Tour de France. The tour was conducted by a grant paid by Promotion Saguenay. The councilor had failed to pay airfare for his wife and daughter. A complaint Ethics and Conduct was filed with the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Land Occupancy (Mamot) by the Democratic Renewal Team (ERD), which led to an investigation by the CMQ .

Last May, Bernard Noël recorded a guilty plea through his lawyer, Pierre Mazurette.

The ruling by the administrative judges and Usclat Thierry Martine Savard, obtained by the station Radio X 95.7, concludes that the councilor responsible District # 5 “committed a breach of the rule in Article 5.4 of the Code of ethics and conduct for elected officials of the City of Saguenay using the City’s resources for personal promoting its interests and those of his wife and daughter. ”

The Administrative Court considers that the elected also breached the rule in Article 5.7 of the Code by diverting to his own use property owned by the city. The 60-day suspension is effective from 1 August. CMQ also believes that Bernard Noël will have to repay any remuneration or allowance paid by the city, including that received as borough president, during the period when he traveled to the Saguenay costs.

The borough president, Carl Dufour, expressed for jonquiérois elected to respect the decision of the CMQ.

“For us, the case is closed since Mr. Christmas has resigned as president,” he advised. Carl Dufour noted that all records relating to the Bernard Christmas district are supported by colleagues from the district.

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