Bergevin can he afford Dubois and Girard?

marc-bergevin-aura-choix-cruciaux(Buffalo) This is a timeless subject, the presence of francophones in line with the Montreal Canadiens. Rightly or wrongly, Trevor Timmins has often been found guilty of sulking Quebec talent, especially in the first round of the universal auctions. Louis Leblanc was a rare paris in this position, and the former Harvard student proved a total flop!

In these Assizes in 2016 in Buffalo, the situation could change. Behind the scenes, it is said that Timmins and his army recruiters would be particularly interested in Pierre-Luc Dubois and Samuel Girard, two of the most beautiful Quebecois hopes this wine. Speculations are very strong in both cases, and that is perhaps why the Canadiens departed from its usual policy by not making available the day before the draft Timmins for journalists who have already arrived in Buffalo.

Timmins will however need help from its managing director if he is hell-bent to enlist Dubois Tornado Roberval. Luckily, much everyone here expects a stunt of Marc Bergevin this weekend, after the last disastrous season for the Canadiens.

And that’s exactly what it takes, a coup, to succeed in pronouncing the name of Dubois at the microphone. Thanks to a big end of season, Dubois many climbed in the ratings scouts. Experts predict it almost every selection in the top five on Friday night. What seems set in stone is that it will not be in the stands when the Canadian will speak at the ninth level. Bergevin will have to be creative if he wants to forestall his first selection.

The good news is that the Oilers have placed their fourth auction. That does not mean that Peter Chiarelli will weigh on the button, but it is at least listening. The Jets, owners of second choice might be too ready to retreat if a tempting offer to them were filed.

Bergevin has attractive values ​​to attract their attention. For example, a young advocate full of talent as Nathan Beaulieu certainly wants an interesting bait. There is also the case that powers PK Subban talks. Star defenseman will be entitled to a no-trade clause 1 July. If the Canadian wants to move its horse racing, it’s the perfect timing. Not sure whether the idea of ​​the century, however, because it is always dangerous to divide the value of a superstar. Nine times out of 10, it’s the team that got hold of the best player who has the upper hand in a transaction. Subban has flaws. It irritates some teammates, it seems. But it is a contestant who eats the most important 30 minutes of every game in which he participates. Why do you think a dozen teams would make the eye to Marc Bergevin on this? Subban happens in the best years of his career. Unless an offer stupendous, the managing director of the Canadian must handle this situation very carefully.

In the case of Samuel Girard, if the Canadian really wants to enlist, Bergevin pocket cards to get there. If it is very optimistic to believe that the star Cataractes will still be available to 39 th, Bergevin can probably move late in the first round and make use of his 45th choice. Two second-round pick, the price normally paid for the chance to parade on stage in the late evening.

We’ll know in a few hours if the interests of Timmins to Dubois and Girard was pronounced to the point. Dubois is a big complete striker, Girard is a little magician defensively. Both are animated by a spirit of competition outside the norm, and they do not detest donning the jersey of Glorious. If the stars align, it could be a spectacular first round to wish for Canadiens fans, who had to settle for black bread last winter!

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