Beloved Rozenko stunned neighbors in his car: “What inflated the passengers?”

Возлюбленная Розенко ошарашила «соседями» в своем авто: «Что за надутые пассажиры?»

The bride is the Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko Elena-Cristina Swan often pleases fans with new photos and videos in social networks

This time popular TV presenter showed unusual passengers in the cabin of the car.

Elena-Cristina Swan on his page in social network Instagram posted a short video in which she rides in the car. “I love to cook the holidays!!! Driven in a car surprise”, – has signed a video celebrity.

Возлюбленная Розенко ошарашила «соседями» в своем авто: «Что за надутые пассажиры?»

Who has the holiday and who is a surprise, Lebed does not have. In the video you can see that the whole interior of the car Packed with balloons, inflated with helium.

The star commented on the neighborhood holiday passengers. “I have a car that is over inflated passengers. Maybe offended by something, I don’t know…What to be offended, damn it?! Comfortably they ride. Inflated they are here!”, – with a laugh said Swan.

Fans of the TV presenter did not stay aside and commented on her hilarious videos.

“What beautiful balls”, “Share the fare”, “what’s the name of your inflated passengers?”, “Did you shoot the program a Scam networks?”, – posted by Internet users.

As previously reported, Elena-Cristina Swan has posted a new photo to his page in the social network. In the photo of the celebrity posing in the bathroom at the gas station. Christine wearing a white t-shirt with iridescent lettering and a black jacket.

Возлюбленная Розенко ошарашила «соседями» в своем авто: «Что за надутые пассажиры?»

“However, I rush to work, But sho-WINDY a BIT… you Fill your tank and grab a coffee,

Looking at the gracefully flying by… Asfaltobetonny rink”, signed humorous poem photos Elena-Cristina Swan.

For a couple of hours on the network post together about six and a half thousand likes and plenty of comments from fans.

Возлюбленная Розенко ошарашила «соседями» в своем авто: «Что за надутые пассажиры?»

We also wrote that the bride Rozenko was struck by the network outright outfit. Elena-Cristina Swan drew the audience with his candid outfit.

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The new Christine has published in social networks. The outfit is a little different from her last outfit — it is obvious that the beloved politician wants to draw attention to yourself in any way possible.

Leading to pictures posing in a red lacquer coat and thick black tights. The image is supplemented by high-heeled shoes and the same color with the choker on his neck, and bright makeup that highlights the lips.

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I love to cook the holidays!!!🥳🥳🥳 Driven in a car a surprise🤫🤫🤫🎁🎉

A post shared by Elena-Cristina Swan (@elena_kristina_lebed) on Jul 11, 2019 at 11:22am PDT

Recall, beloved Rozenko disgraced in the frame

And Politeka wrote that the bride Rozenko stunned the photo with his “stallion”

Also Politeka reported that the bride Rozenko stunned the Ukrainians bed photo