Belarus is doomed to merge with Russia is inevitable, revealed details of the fatal plan of Putin

Беларусь обречена, слияние с Россией неизбежно: раскрыты детали рокового плана Путина

The plan for the merger of Russia and Belarus has already been agreed, and now it remained only to discuss personally to Vladimir Putin and Alexander Lukashenko

On the development of a common plan of action for the integration of the two States said the Minister of economy of Belarus Dmitry Krutoy, BelTA informs. He said that the theme of integration of the two countries will be discussed at the forthcoming meeting of the presidents of Russia and Belarus.

“For the President (Lukashenko – approx. ed.) is, of course, prepared a package of proposals for negotiations. Working group the options of programs that the heads of state exchanged in may, of course, worked. I think, in principle, the concept of further work on the date agreed upon,” said Cool during the VI Forum of regions of Belarus and Russia.

Also the forum was attended by state Secretary of the so-called “Union state,” Grigory Rapota, who said he sees no contradiction between the new education and the Eurasian economic Union.

Беларусь обречена, слияние с Россией неизбежно: раскрыты детали рокового плана Путина

“It’s two integration associations, which are all organically can complement each other, if not to create artificial opposition”, he stressed.

According to Rapota, certain issues are easier to solve at the level of the EAEU, while the other – at the level of the Union state to “continue to extend the experience in the Eurasian space”.

Previously, we wrote about the fact that the process of merging Belarus and the Russian Federation was under the threat of failure.

This information was published by Telegram-channel “Nesigur”, which is actively connected with the Kremlin.

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It is reported that President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko allegedly went against President Vladimir Putin ordered in Western publications a large-scale campaign aimed at disrupting the merger of the two States.

“There are reports that “one influential Belarusian” (but in Minsk only one) order in the Western media campaign against the Kremlin’s plans for integration. Russia will be exposed as a threat and oppressor of the Belarusian sovereignty”, – stated in the message.

Беларусь обречена, слияние с Россией неизбежно: раскрыты детали рокового плана Путина

There is also information about the fact that the Belarusian media have received instructions from the authorities to the necessary time to publish the compromising evidence on Russian top politicians

Recall Zelensky agreed with Lukashenko named the date.

As reported Politeka, meeting Zelensky and Lukashenko: “the old man” immediately flies to Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that Putin publicly insulted Lukashenka appeared a bright photo of shame.