Beer is still recognized healthy

Пиво все-таки признали полезным для здоровья

Oldest medical journal The American Journal of the Medical Sciences have published new research data that confirms the benefits of consuming beer, although with a caveat – strictly at a moderate dosage.
American scientists noted in the journal the fact that the benefits of beer shows an increasing number of scientific research.

“Beer has nutritional and healthy properties, promoting healing in case of moderate consumption” — quoted scientists journal.

In particular, experiments have shown that the background consumption of beer in the body increases the level of molecules of high-density lipoprotein, also known as “good cholesterol” — the fatty component, the action of which the blood is purified and improves the conductivity of the arteries. In addition, beer contains protein, b vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

“Useful nutrients beer contains large quantities than wine, traditionally considered to be a more useful beverage,” noted the authors.

Simultaneously, scientists are not tired to remind about the importance of eating solely a small amount of alcoholic beverages, including beer. You should limit the consumption of beer amounts to no more than a pint a day for men and no more than half a pint for women, experts said. A pint is about 0.55 liters.


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