Beer belly linked to dementia

«Пивной живот» связан со слабоумием

Data obtained in several studies involving nearly 5 thousand people, prompted researchers from Dublin’s Trinity College to assess fat in the waist and abdomen as the harbinger of dementia. Experts strongly recommend to control deposits of fat in this area and to avoid “beer belly”.

Syndrome the “beer belly”, in which fatty deposits are concentrated in the region of the waist, said the authors of the scientific project, is a clear signal a high likelihood of developing senile dementia after age 60. The findings of scientists about it was published by the Irish Independent.

According to Professor of gerontology from Trinity College Conal Cunningham, adipose tissue activates the production of substances that increase inflammation, which can begin to develop dementia. But fortunately, this process is reversible.

“In this case can help regular exercise and a diet based on the consumption of fruits and vegetables,” said Cunningham.

In addition, the authors reported that previously conducted in several countries observations pointed to the weakening of memory functions and vision loss in obese individuals.


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