Been waiting for this all! Zelensky suddenly talking about new elections in Ukraine: the first details

Этого ждали все! Зеленский внезапно заговорил о новых выборах в Украине: первые подробности

Vladimir Zelensky, the President of Ukraine, visited Truskavets, where attended the forum and said about future local elections

Vladimir Zelensky visited today Truskavets. There has come to the end of the week courses for future members of the “public Servants”. On the occasion of the arrival of the President there increased security measures. At the hotel, where there are future deputies, has already established framework.

In addition, employees of the state security Department gave a thorough inspection to prospective MPs. It is noted that in the process the deputies even had to take off their shoes.

Этого ждали все! Зеленский внезапно заговорил о новых выборах в Украине: первые подробности

Bomb experts checked the manholes and the inside of the boxes around the locality. The test were the entire Central city.

During a speech at the forum in Truskavets, the President said that local Council elections will be held in 2020 as originally planned.

We have previously reported that deputies of the party “servant of the people” was attacked in Truskavets. The drivers stated openly about their problems.

They showed up for training deputies in Truskavets on 2 August. The head of the press service of the party of Eugene Kravchuk told the details and published photos of the incident on his page in Facebook.

Этого ждали все! Зеленский внезапно заговорил о новых выборах в Украине: первые подробности

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Here already almost week the candidates from “public Servants” trained in Truskavets. The teachers of the Kiev school of Economics on request of the leadership of the party staged for future parliamentarians intensive training to work in the Verkhovna Rada. Tell them basic things that should be aware of any Deputy, and forced to test them in practice.

But in the end, things went differently. The second of August arrived and truckers stormed the crowd at future deputies. They complained about their problems and demanded to solve them. As stated by Eugene Kravchuk, the future people’s deputies listened to them.

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