Bedford: dangerous intersection refurbished in 2017?

mtq-souhaite-reamenager-intersection-routes(Bedford) The intersection of routes 202 and 235 – where Mildred Erno, 84, was pulled and killed by a truck on February 17 – could finally be renovated next year. At least that is the projection of the Ministry of Transport (MTQ).

According to what was learned The Eastern Voices will require, however, that officials agree with the owner of land adjacent to that of the old Molson bank before achieved. MTQ states that the subject land is located on Route 235, but prefers silence the identity of the owner.

“The ministry is still negotiating on this issue, says spokeswoman Nadège Tessier. […] So it is sure that in our time, we must consider that. But the ministry is working on the preparation of the concept of redevelopment of the intersection, which will be submitted to the City when it is ready. ”

Therefore impossible, for the moment, to know the details of the MTQ’s redevelopment plan and whether it contains a widening streets and the demolition of the old Molson bank.

In its report drawn up following the death of Mrs. Erno, the coroner Alexandre Crich judge that the building – owned by the MTQ left vacant since the construction of the Zephyr Falcon-bridge in 2011 – reduced “substantially” the visibility at the intersection SINCE it is located too close to the street. A situation that enrages Mayor Yves Lévesque, which qualifies the nuisance building for the safety of the intersection and the economic development of downtown Bedford.


Mayor Lévesque also criticized delays in this matter, explaining why evil is nothing concrete had been proposed to the City since 2011. He recalled that at the time of constructing the new Zephyr Falcon-bridge, MTQ s ‘however, was committed to resolving the situation of the intersection to calm the reluctance of Bedford. At the Department, we replied that the promises will be kept.

“We will respect our commitments to the municipality in relation to the redevelopment says Ms. Tessier. So no, we did not put the file aside, but we’re working on. And it’s sure a big file like this, there are some elements, including the acquisition process, which are there some time. ”

To its credit, the Eastern Townships direction MTQ took the matter in hand only in November, after a reorganization of regional areas of the department.

A temporary solution

Meanwhile, a spherical mirror was installed on May 18 to improve the safety of pedestrians trying to cross the dangerous intersection. Crich The coroner had written in his report that was minimally consider this avenue, but the mayor Lévesque said insulted by the measure, which he described as “plasters with very little glue on it to try to settle a bobo “. As for herself, Ms. Tessier ensures that this is a temporary solution.

“The current configuration of the intersection limit our short-term actions to increase the safety of users. The establishment of the mirror […] mainly constituted a precautionary measure pending the comprehensive redevelopment of the intersection. […] We proceeded to the installation of this mirror there as soon as possible to increase pedestrian safety at the intersection. ”

For cons, the temporary measure could stretch over time, as the spokesman says MTQ that no deadline has been set for the redevelopment of the intersection. In addition, Ms. Tessier admit that the purchase of land adjacent to the former bank Molson as the “ideal scenario” and that any other avenue should be evaluated with the City of Bedford.

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