Becancour will have its turn through Diversification Fund

ordre-habituel-on-retrouve-jean(Becancour) Bécancour will have its observation tower, just in front of the Amphitheatre Cogeco in Trois-Rivieres, and its construction in the fall is part of an overall redevelopment project Sainte-Angele dock that rises 748 $ 650.

However, the Deputy Prime Minister Lise Theriault came Thursday announce the awarding of funding to $ 187,160 from the Economic Diversification Fund.

“The Sainte-Angele dock has great potential for diversification in a sustainable development perspective,” she said, along the St. Lawrence River.

For its part, the Fund Aluminerie de Becancour for sustainable communities contributes to the project up to 177 thousand dollars and the private developer Jean-Claude Parr injects a sum of 50,000 dollars. The rest of the financing package is assumed by the City of Becancour.

Besides the tower of 55 feet, the pier of Sainte-Angele will have a tent, water games and a service building. The goal is to make it a tourist information website generates significant economic benefits for the region.

“This redevelopment project is the brainchild of several speakers, and I am very proud of the support that our government gives it. The dock is a major attraction and there is no doubt that this project will benefit the entire region, “added Ms. Thériault.

For his part, President of the Coalition for a recreational park, Yvon Beaulieu, recalled how the arrival of the bridge was a “drama” to the platform, speaking of an insidious tsunami, over 50 years, has eliminated more a trade in this sector.

Subject to an agreement with the Port of Trois-Rivieres, the Quai Sainte-Angele had undergone a complete transformation in the festivities of the 50th City of Becancour, for an investment of some $ 400 000 .

Since then, hardwood floors adorn the perimeter of the pier, allowing visitors a safe and enjoyable ride. Street furniture as benches and planters were also installed, giving a more contemporary look to the site.

In addition, electrical work had helped to upgrade the lighting on the dock. Thus, the safe and aesthetic aspects were met. A marquee complete with stage equipment takes temporary moorage for the summer to accommodate hundreds of citizens and visitors throughout the summer.

The structure of the platform has been modified by removing some concrete railings that obstructed the view and maximizing boat descent location.

We note in conclusion that government support was given to the Regional Corporation of Becancour, Becancour responsible for Tourism.

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