Became known why Poroshenko is allowed to remain in the Ukraine: Putin has fulfilled all the “wishlist”

Стало известно, почему Порошенко разрешили остаться в Украине: выполнил все путинские «хотелки»

General Prosecutor’s office began pre-judicial investigation concerning the possible pressure of the people, elected by the judges in the case of PrivatBank

Political analyst Denis Gaevsky noted that in Ukraine all possible power structures in recent years has opened numerous criminal proceedings, the vast majority of which before the courts and have not reached, writes Informant.

Стало известно, почему Порошенко разрешили остаться в Украине: выполнил все путинские «хотелки»

“Law enforcement agencies sprung up in the country so that successfully they are fighting only with ourselves in internal conflicts. And putting pressure on the judges – not the invention of the team Poroshenko, it was under Yanukovych and early. The Poroshenko have guarantees of immunity, but such guarantees do not apply to his environment.”- the analyst added.

Besides, business is personal Peter pretty well veiled from the point of view of the law “for trying to impose on this business hands can get very much in the hands of transnational structures, where Poroshenko’s business incorporated”.

In the fall of Poroshenko will run for Parliament.

“Nobody Poroshenko will not touch. He has a guarantee from Moscow, as Peter faithfully all my 5 years I worked on Putin and Putin had fulfilled all the “wishlist”. Therefore, Poroshenko was allowed to stay in Ukraine and even become a great opposition to continue to put a spoke in the wheel of the team Zelensky. But from the point of view of jingoism.” — says Dmitry Korneychuk.

Стало известно, почему Порошенко разрешили остаться в Украине: выполнил все путинские «хотелки»

Also, the analyst notes, Peter has a warranty from the oligarchs, because Zelensky became a certain compromise variant of the oligarchs, and therefore none of the old regime will not be affected. Zelensky has met tete-a-tete with Groysman and his assistant Kolomoisky Andrei Bogdan said that Yuri Lutsenko – a very decent man. In fact, everything that happens – “solid fixed, which is necessary to cover some circus imitation of rough activity.”

Korneychuk said that the Ukrainians in the presidential elections once again coarsely chiseled. No one “plans” of Poroshenko is not broken, there is simply little will change “looking”, and Zelensky will play the role of “screens”.

“The type that was on lustration after independence, which for some reason really didn’t work. People had hoped to oust from power injured, but instead they got the same thing, but “side view”, — says the analyst.

Recall, each Poroshenko Filatov disappeared after a corruption scandal.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky will revise the “odious purpose” Poroshenko: the plan is ready.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko has issued a stunning decree that the country should know the truth.