Became known, who will become the new Minister of defence: “Lieutenant”

Стало известно, кто станет новым министром обороны: «младший лейтенант»

Now the important and responsible Ministerial seat is a reservist of the Navy, Lieutenant

The former defense Minister sacked for “unauthorised disclosure of information,” writes Strenia.

Prime Minister Theresa may has decided to part ways with the Minister of defence of the United Kingdom Gavin Williamson due to his excessive talkativeness. In the statement, which was published by the office of Theresa may said that the Prime Minister had “lost confidence in his (Gavin Williamson – ed.) ability to perform the functions of a Minister of defense and member of the Cabinet of Ministers”.

Стало известно, кто станет новым министром обороны: «младший лейтенант»

The decision of the Prime Minister adopted after a special investigation. Now the defence Ministry will be headed by 46-year-old penny Mordaunt.

Mordaunt served in the rank of second Lieutenant of the Royal Navy, was a reservist of the Navy.

Prior to this appointment, penny Mordaunt headed the Department for international development.

Gavin Williamson was the Minister of defence of the United Kingdom from November 2 to November 2017. According to the British press, his resignation was connected with the leakage of important information after the meeting of the Council of national security of the United Kingdom last week. At this meeting it was decided whether to give London the permission of the Chinese company Huawei, she has helped to develop in the country the 5G network.

The incident led to an internal investigation, the results of which was the resignation of Williamson.

As previously reported, Prime Minister Theresa may in a telephone conversation with newly elected Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky pointed to the need to work together to deter Russian aggression. About it reports a press-service of the British Prime Minister.

Mei Zelensky congratulated on his election victory and invited him to visit the UK “at the first opportunity”.

“The Prime Minister stressed the importance of working together our two countries together with the international community to deter Russian aggression”, — said in a statement.

May also assured Zelensky intention to strengthen bilateral relations between London and Kiev, the two sides agreed to remain in close contact.

Стало известно, кто станет новым министром обороны: «младший лейтенант»

“She assured the elected President Zelensky that the UK will support him during the tenure of the head of state, and democratic future of Ukraine. In addition the UK is ready to continue and strengthen our already deep cooperation in various fields” — said Mei.

Recall that in the UK there was a loud resignation of Boris Johnson “removed” trump.

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