Became known, who caused hysteria “porkopolis”: “has left the President poured knuckle”

Стало известно, кто вызвал истерию «порохоботов»: «ушел президент, посыпались костяшки»

Mass hysteria of fans Poroshenko was caused by mid-level officials, secretaries, lawyers, designers and editors

This was written in the article Viktor Dyachenko for the Internet-editions “news of Ukraine – From-UA”. The author reported that the hysteria around strong detachment Zelensky in the elections, and then the subsequent victory caused dependent on Petro Poroshenko’s officials. In particular, he notes the party “Our land”.

“Long range dependent Poroshenko oligarchs of the “first Guild” provincial oligarchic clans, appointed governors and supported the local “barons” and “looking”, some of them, by the way, consolidated in a political party “Our Edge”, which is a project Bank, which, with great probability, will fall apart if you don’t find yourself a new patron,” — says Dyachenko.

Стало известно, кто вызвал истерию «порохоботов»: «ушел президент, посыпались костяшки»

However, the author observes that mid-level officials who engaged in “fomenting” hysteria, may not remain in their seats, when the change of power.

“But officials of the average level of fraction in city and village councils, and a whole army working on all these secretaries, advisers, lawyers and image-makers, editors, etc. can not survive the change of government,” adds the author.

The author argues that for such structures, a change of government leads to a change in its environment. “For such structures, the change of power leads to a Domino effect: it took the President, his entourage lost its influence fell one after the other and the other knuckle,” wrote the author.

Стало известно, кто вызвал истерию «порохоботов»: «ушел президент, посыпались костяшки»

Earlier it was reported that the winner of the elections Vladimir Zelensky wants to radically change the format of the presidential Administration of Ukraine. Co-founder of the Studio “Quarter-95” Sergey Shafir shared ambitious plans of his friend to work in the administration building on Bankova street. He gave the words of Vladimir Zelensky in an interview with theБабель. According to the comedian, the newly elected President plans to have in the Administration a real reality show. If his idea come to life, Ukrainians will be able around the clock to monitor the work of officials in real time, just browsing the Internet.

“It’s a dream. Dylan — it’s all such a missile, you have to keep it, otherwise it will fly into space. He says now: “I want cameras everywhere was that at any moment, everything went and looked. I don’t want to sit on Bank, I want to sit in a normal European transparent office”,” — said Sergey Shafir.

Recall that in the network appeared the photo of the son of Poroshenko “the ATO”.

As reported Politeka, Poroshenko will stand trial.

Also Politeka wrote that Poroshenko is preparing to escape from Ukraine.