Became known to the secret negotiations with Bogdan Lutsenko: “the Arrest…”

Стали известны тайные переговоры Богдана с Луценко: "Арестовать..."

The attorney General refuses to make concessions before the Office of the President of Ukraine

In recent weeks the head of the PP Andrey Bogdan tries to convince Yuriy Lutsenko to arrest the assets of former President Poroshenko.

This information theБабель publication reports, citing its sources.

Specific reference to the plant “Workshop on Fishing” TV channel and “Direct”. As tells a source, the attorney General refused, citing the fact that Poroshenko tried to seize the assets of media group “1+1”, and he refused.

Responding to a question about negotiations with Bogdan, Lutsenko said: “Often communicate. On business issues. Mostly answer questions on the status of particular criminal proceedings. Frequently say no? Happen.”

Стали известны тайные переговоры Богдана с Луценко: "Арестовать..."

According to the publication, demanding the arrest of the property Poroshenko, head of OPU applied to one of the Deputy Prosecutor General Sergei Kizia. He was regarded as the receiver Lutsenko. A source in the PGO said that the candidacy of Kizia removed, as he refused. Another possible contender for the post of attorney General is Ruslan riaboshapka. At the request of theБабеля to comment on Ruslan Ryaboshapka said, “Time will tell”.

Стали известны тайные переговоры Богдана с Луценко: "Арестовать..."

We will remind, Poroshenko runs on eight criminal cases of the GPU. The Bureau of investigation not yet specify the cases in question, but there are suggestions that things may relate to schemes “Rotterdam+” corruption in the energy sector, the circumstances of the change of owners of shipbuilding plant “Forge on Fishing”, TV channel “Straight”, etc. He hopes that the initiation of such proceedings the election campaign to the Verkhovna Rada.

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Earlier, ex-President of Ukraine did not attend the interrogation of the RRG. According to Pipes, in criminal proceedings concerning “Smithy on Fishing” questioned other witnesses, including Sergei Tigipko, and conducted seizure of documents. In the nearest time the head of the newly RRT is going to call Poroshenko for questioning for the investigation. The former President, according to the head of the Agency, should be interested in how to give testimony for the investigation was impartial and complete.

Recall Zelensky decided to make what Poroshenko was not able to for five years: given the rigid order.

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