Became known the name of “Miss Ukraine-2019”: hot beauty photo

Стало известно имя «Мисс Украина-2019»: горячие фото красотки

The winner of the beauty pageant walked the 23 contenders for the title

According to the girl about the prize in the contest “Miss Ukraine” she had dreamed of since childhood.

Thursday, September 12 at the Palace “Ukraine” took place the final of beauty contest “Miss Ukraine-2019”. The victory was won by 24-year-old resident of Kharkiv Margarita Pasha. The crown of the beautiful girl was awarded winner of the previous contest Leonila GUZ.

Стало известно имя «Мисс Украина-2019»: горячие фото красотки

She also received a cash prize in the amount of 400 thousand hryvnias.

Margarita 24 years, height 174 cm. The new “Miss Ukraine” in 2018, received a master’s degree in the specialty “management of foreign economic activity”. Today she is studying in the third year, graduate with a degree in international law at Kyiv Institute of international relations.

The girl – the master of sports on rhythmic gymnastics. “Sport is an integral part of my life. I love to help people (children), by nature I am the philanthropist,” told about her beauty. She added that dreamed of being the winner of this famous beauty pageant in childhood.

Now Pasha will represent our country in the second stage of the beauty contest in China.

As we wrote earlier, the participant of the contest “Miss Ukraine” suspected that the girl’s artificial Breasts. The model who participated in beauty contest “Miss Ukraine”, the Marina Kios accused of violating the rules because of alleged artificial Breasts.

Стало известно имя «Мисс Украина-2019»: горячие фото красотки

The requirements of the contest are as follows: the contenders for the main crown of Ukraine beauty should be all-natural.

“Why are you lying that you have your Breasts? It is seen that silicone”, “Breasts of this size is natural so will not” — “napali” Marina Chios in social networks users.

Стало известно имя «Мисс Украина-2019»: горячие фото красотки

The journalists talked with contender for the main crown of the country and tried to find out from the girl information about her lush form. The girl was taken to an experienced plastic surgeon, and that the results of the three audits have determined that the chest at the Marina in Chios natural.

Стало известно имя «Мисс Украина-2019»: горячие фото красотки

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