Became known the fate of the hostages in France: “no one will move”

Стала известна судьба заложников во Франции: «никто не будет двигаться»

In France an armed young man took people hostage in a tobacco shop

As it turned out, the terrorists only 17 years old and a few hours, he kept in suspense, the prisoners themselves, their families, and the French police and special forces.

The terrorist demanded a negotiator, threatened to kill the captives and declaring, then without hesitation open fire on the police, if the assault of the building or withdraw the cordon, writes ACTU 17.

Стала известна судьба заложников во Франции: «никто не будет двигаться»

In the end, all the hostages were released. Three hostages left the building in turn around 9 PM local time. The first hostage was released around 20:00.

The occupant remains inside the building.

As the police found out, the malefactor on the eve were detained for participation in the stock “yellow jackets.” The teenager the police described himself as “an armed hand of the yellow jackets Toulouse”.

He also left a letter to his family, which was called “Testament”. In the letter he writes that he regrets his actions, but if he won’t do anything, “nobody will move.”

“While I do everything for the yellow jackets won the battle,” added the suspect in the kidnapping.

As previously reported, an armed man seized a passenger plane by threatening the pilot with a gun. The incident occurred at the airport Shah Amanat city Chittagong in Bangladesh.

The aim of the attacker was the airliner, EN route from Dhaka to Dubai with a stopover in the Bangladeshi town. The plane landed at the airport at 17:15 local time (13:15 Kyiv time).

Soon after, airport officials informed the police about the hijacking. It is known that the malefactor threatened the pilot with a gun.

Fortunately, all passengers of the liner were able to leave the aircraft.

“The plane was hijacked. I cannot report any further details at this time”, — told reporters the representative of the airline Biman Bangladesh, which owns the plane.

Стала известна судьба заложников во Франции: «никто не будет двигаться»

It is known that while the offender remains in the plane. According to recent reports, he holds hostage two crew members and demands a meeting with Prime Minister of the country.

Recall that the Ukrainians warned of a new form of fraud: “the evil hostage.”

As reported Politeka, state of emergency in the Moscow metro: taken hostage, came the special forces and the National guard.

Politeka also wrote that near the Central station hostage-taking, shootings: details and footage of the incident.