Became known the details of contract meetings Svyatash: documents

Стали известны подробности заказных митингов Святаша: документы

Politician and blogger Alexander Dubinsky published materials, which may indicate the involvement of the controller GC “AIS” Dmitry Svyatash to custom rally against Zelensky under TC “1+1”

Published materials prove the involvement Svyatash to the order meetings under the walls of the Prosecutor General to put pressure on Ruslan Ryaboshapka here, courts that have considered cases involving the assets of the group, the state Bureau of investigation and ARMAGH, took possession of the assets “AIS”, writes Obozrevatel citing “Apostrophe”.

Dmitry Svyatash his involvement in the protests against Vladimir Zelensky denies, but avoids to comment on the involvement in the meetings of the group of companies “AIS”.

Among the published are correspondence marketing Director Sergey Borovik with a professional organizer of meetings Eugene Solennia.

As said by the lawyer Svyatash and Polyakova, September 2 at the GPU the meeting took place “employees of the AIS”, which demanded from the Prosecutor General’s dismissal of the first Deputy Prosecutor of Kiev Paul Konenko, signed the suspicion Vasily Polyakov. According to the materials, the preparations for this rally started in late August.

Стали известны подробности заказных митингов Святаша: документы

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Also among the published materials are estimates for the agreed activities.

Стали известны подробности заказных митингов Святаша: документы

Стали известны подробности заказных митингов Святаша: документы

In the framework of the criminal case opened in 2013 Nicolicea on the fact of appropriation by fraudulent means UkrSibbank in especially large size, Vasily Polyakov and two top managers of “AIS” given the suspicion and measures of restraint in the form of personal commitments and round-the-clock house arrest.