Became known, some types of cancer attack the Ukrainians: how to protect yourself

Стало известно, какие виды рака атакуют украинцев: как уберечься

It became known from some types of cancer often suffer from the Ukrainians and how to protect yourself from the deadly disease

The Ministry of health called the cancer types that most commonly occur in women and men in Ukraine. Experts of the Ministry of health stated: men in our country often attacks cancer respiratory, women with breast cancer.

According to official data relating to cancer of the respiratory system, men from among our compatriots often suffer from cancer of the trachea, bronchi and lungs. In 2017 in men, the Ukrainians there were more than 49 000 of malignancies in these organs.

Стало известно, какие виды рака атакуют украинцев: как уберечься

Also among the most widespread “man’s” cancer in the country — the cancer of the prostate. Last year the doctors discovered more than 40 thousand cases of cancer of the prostate.

Among women the most common cancer — breast cancer: 70000 cases discovered over the past year. Besides, Ukrainian women, as it turned out, very vulnerable to skin cancer. In 2017 have been diagnosed more than 48000 cases, “dermatology” cancer.

Стало известно, какие виды рака атакуют украинцев: как уберечься

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But even with such sad statistics, most cancer patients get well. Is only time to seek medical help. According to MOZ in 2017 for the purchase of medicines for adult cancer patients allocated to 809 million UAH (in 2016 397 million UAH), for children — UAH 558 million (in 2016 353 million).

Besides, the Ministry reminded that most simple things can reduce the risk of cancer by 30%. First, we need to give up Smoking, which causes cancer of the lung, esophagus, larynx, oral cavity, throat, kidney, bladder, pancreas, stomach and cervix.

Стало известно, какие виды рака атакуют украинцев: как уберечься

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Secondly, it is time to take preventive checkups. Every woman should be screened in mammalogy once a year: up to 40 years — ultrasound diagnosis, after — mandatory annual mammography. If breast cancer to be detected at stage I, it is curable in 95% of women. Men need to pass routine inspection at the urologist. 21% of Ukrainian men prostate cancer find already on the metastatic stage.

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