Became known new details of the disaster in the Black sea: “we Played greed”

Стали известны новые подробности катастрофы в Черном море: "Сыграла жадность"

In the Black sea near the Sochi overturned pleasure boat with dozens of people on Board

Sunken in Dzhubga the tourist boat was overloaded by almost five times, writes about this Lshot.

Under the guidelines of the operation of the boats, there could be a maximum of 12 people. But last night on Board was 55. Rossm reported that on Board were only 43 people, including 8 children. Two women were killed.

Стали известны новые подробности катастрофы в Черном море: "Сыграла жадность"

The owner of a ship that capsized Friday night in the Black sea, detained. A criminal case on the provision of services not meeting safety requirements.

The incident occurred about 100 metres from the shore in the waters of the sea. According to recent reports, two people were killed in the incident.

“The boat is intended for 12 h took on Board 43. On 1000 adults and 500 children. From-for an overload the ship capsized. 2 killed, some can’t find. Grief of course, but then they played a greed,” — said in the comments under this video in YouTube.

“Quite understandable…”, “Horror”, also was noticed by the users.

Стали известны новые подробности катастрофы в Черном море: "Сыграла жадность"

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Recall that the number of deaths as a result of collision of a pleasure boat with cruise ship on the Danube in Budapest, what happened last week, rose to 19 people.

“Rescuers found the bodies of four South Korean tourists. A woman’s body from branches of South Korea found in Budapest, and one of the Hungarian crew members were found 21 kilometers from the scene of the accident the vessel downstream, in ERD”, — stated in the message.

Стали известны новые подробности катастрофы в Черном море: "Сыграла жадность"

Still missing are eight tourists and one crew member of the boat. It is noted that the divers prepare the sunken boat to rise.

As reported, on may 29, pleasure boat Hableany during mooring faced in the Danube river cruise vessel Viking Sygin. The boat was carrying 33 South Korean tourists, with them on Board were also two Hungarian member of the crew. It later became known that the captain of the cruise ship, which collided with a pleasure boat, was a citizen of Ukraine.

We will remind that killed more than 20 children

As reported Politeka, baby drowned in my own house

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