Became known, he ran away from his wife because of the Antin mukharsky

Стало известно, куда сбежал от жены шоумен Антин Мухарский

It is known that showman Antin mukharsky, which earlier this year went into exile, declared a country of future residence. People who has failed in court to seek a reduction in the amount of child support for his four children, TV presenter Snezhana Egorova, decided to settle down in Turkey.

Of course, along with Antin howl nest in Antalya will be his new wife and Muse, Elizabeth Belsky.

Стало известно, куда сбежал от жены шоумен Антин Мухарский

Their changes showman hastened to share in social networks, adding: “the Choice is made! We live in Antalya”.

According to Antin, over the past six months he has lived in Greece, Spain, USA and Canada. The showman thanked those who all this time was helping him and “supported in these difficult months abroad.”

“… We decided to settle in Antalya, Turkey for three reasons: proximity to house — fly 2 hours and 15 minutes, fantastic sea, climate, food and prices, the possibility to organize tours, concerts and creative meetings” For Ukrainians only ” for those who want to identify themselves Ukrainians even abroad “, — said mukharsky.

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