Became aware of the pardon Zelensky 12 prisoners of the Russians: first details

Стало известно о помиловании Зеленским 12 пленных россиян: первые подробности

The lawyer of prisoners of Russians said that Vladimir Zelensky pardoned twelve citizens of the Russian Federation

The President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky has signed decrees about pardon of the Russians. This was stated by the lawyer of the Russians convicted in Ukraine, Valentin Rybin. It is known that in the list of pardoned at least 12 people.

Rosssmi write that the Russians might give the Ukrainian side of the Russian Federation at the exchange of prisoners has already been delivered from places of serving the sentence and in the middle of the gathering of persons for exchange. This information was confirmed by the lawyer of Russians of fishes:

“Issued decrees on pardoning 12 convicts of the Russians, which have already been delivered from places of punishment and are at the point of gathering of persons who participate in the exchange. I believe that is the preparation for the procedure of exchange.”

Стало известно о помиловании Зеленским 12 пленных россиян: первые подробности

But he noted that one of the Russians are in the list, the destination is not taken and the decree of his pardon no:

“It’s Ruslan Hajiyev, who was sentenced to 15 years in prison. He was on the list, but in exchange it never delivered, the decree to pardon him also not. I assume that Ukraine does not want to give,” said Rybin.

We will remind that the President of Russia Vladimir Putin “distinguished” by a very cynical statement concerning Ukraine. So at the plenary session of the WEF on Thursday, the fifth of September, in the context of the topic about the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, the Russian President said:

“The exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine would be a good step towards normalization of relations between the two countries.” And added:

“Convinced of the full normalization of relations with Russia and Ukraine in historical perspective, in the near future, it depends on the leadership in Kiev”, — he said. Moreover, the Kremlin said that the exchange will be large-scale:

“It was rather difficult to decide on specific people, but come to the finals,” he said.

Independent sources in rosssmi, at the same time note:

“The reason for the delay of exchange between Russia and Ukraine was Kiev’s refusal to give Moscow Vladimir Tzemach”, anonymously told local reporters the source of the “Rain”.

Стало известно о помиловании Зеленским 12 пленных россиян: первые подробности

Recall that from-under guards freed the suspects in the case shot down MH17 Vladimir Tzemach.

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“The Kyiv appeal court released from-under guards of the figurant on the case of the downed MH17 Vladimir Tzemach”.

Стало известно о помиловании Зеленским 12 пленных россиян: первые подробности

The Kyiv appeals court ruled to cancel the arrest of a witness in the case of MH17 Tzemach. And decided to release Vladimir Tzemach in the courtroom.

Стало известно о помиловании Зеленским 12 пленных россиян: первые подробности

Photo rosssmi from the place 05.09.2019 Vladimir tzemach in the court room

Earlier it was reported that Vladimir Putin is delaying the exchange of prisoners on purpose – the head of Kremlin has its own special will Masechet for this reason.

Opinion on delaying the exchange of prisoners between Russia and Ukraine, announced the Ukrainian journalist Yuri Butusov. Putin deliberately brings the situation to such informarii when it is logical and possible “push” the Ukrainian authorities for favorable placement in the exchange.

In a nutshell, the Kremlin wants the issuance of a suspect of involvement in MH17 Tzemach in exchange for the Ukrainians:

“The fact that Putin requires the issuance of the exchange, Vladimir Tzemach — the commander of mercenaries in 2014 in the Snow, which is one of the suspects in the investigation of the death of “Boeing MH-17”. Tzemach was kidnapped by Ukrainian intelligence agencies from the Snow. With great risk to his life was kidnapped, smuggled through the checkpoints of the Russian intelligence, because he was identified as an important witness of the investigation, who earlier in an interview said that involved the destruction of the aircraft. The tzemach it is one of the main goals of the Prosecutor’s office Niderlandov. It is the desire to pick up Tzemach and disrupt the investigation forced Putin to go on negotiations for the release of prisoners. Russia spares no effort to derail the trial of “Boeing”, which will start in the Netherlands in 2020 year”, — said Butusov in one of social networks.

Recall Zelensky immediately appealed to Putin in the Donbas was the worst.

As reported Politeka, Zelensky said the main mistake, the mistake can be fatal.

Also Politeka wrote that surfaced the dirty secret of the team Zelensky: what journalists saw in the office of the President.