Became aware of a double blow for Putin, a disturbing appeal to Zelensky: “now it is important…”

Стало известно о двойном ударе Путина, тревожное обращение к Зеленскому: "теперь важно..."

Russia’s return to PACE will allow President Vladimir Putin to greatly harm Ukraine from two sides

It warned the Director of the Institute for development of economy of Ukraine Alexander Goncharov. On his page on Facebook he told what now you need to prepare President Vladimir Zelensky and his team.

Стало известно о двойном ударе Путина, тревожное обращение к Зеленскому: "теперь важно..."

June 26 members of the parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe approved the resolution of the monitoring Committee, which predusmatrivaet the return of the Russian delegation in full, subject to monetary contribution. The expert sounded the alarm. He is confident that Ukrainians must urgently develop a comprehensive anti-crisis Program to minimize negative consequences in case of occurrence of the worst-case scenario until the end of 2019 – beginning of 2020. Alexander Goncharov said that Russia in all its beauty showed the ability to negotiate in the international arena.

“And now what are we waiting for? I would suggest that the first will follow the economic impact is the tightening stranglehold of the gas, i.e. the refusal of Russia to transit through Ukrainian GTS, the Russian gas (loss of income “Ukrtransgaz” in 2020. can be up to 3 billion. USA), as well as not signing the agreement with Ukraine about the supply of this gas (failure of the preparation for the heating season). The second one can be dealt a financial blow in case London’s High court will make a decision to recover from the Ukraine in favor of Russia debt on Eurobonds in the amount of 3 billion dollars. USA (just where the money is to take?)”, — predicts economic specialist.

Стало известно о двойном ударе Путина, тревожное обращение к Зеленскому: "теперь важно..."

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Alexander Goncharov added that now is not the time to panic. Because of the situation, there are several effective remedies. However, finding them is the Vladimir Zelensky and his associates. The expert hopes that the new government will have the strength for such a feat for the benefit of Ukraine.

“Do not despair, even from the most difficult situation is the right way (and not one). So now the team of Vladimir Zelensky it is important to identify the fundamental issues and prepare anti-crisis program, however, will be enough reach? Well, let’s see how quickly and professionally they are able to take in the complicated conditions of the most courageous and optimally accurate decisions”, — summed up Alexander Goncharov.

Recall, PACE adopted a controversial decision: Putin forgave sanctions are cancelled.

As reported Politeka, six countries-friends of Ukraine was struck by the PACE act, there is an urgent statement details.

Also Politeka wrote that the triumph of Putin in PACE was premature: over Russia faced a new threat.