Beauty life hacks: how to keep hair style in the wet and windy weather

In order for the hair not spinning in different directions – it is necessary to follow some beauty rules.

Б&#039юті лайфхаки: як зберегти зачіску у вологу і вітряну погоду

Autumn is the season of rain and windy weather. Through this, the hair loses its aesthetic appearance. We have the solution! We spend a lot of time choosing the perfect hairstyle, but only to go out and styling as usual. Hair, as a body, respond to any weather conditions, informs Rus.Media.

To ensure that the hair is not electrified, not “poesiloe” and not spinning in different directions – you need to follow some beauty rules. Indeed, in this field plays a role, even a hairbrush.

Beauty tools marked “waterproof” adapted to different weather conditions. Often their composition is antistatic, which protects your hair from “fluffy”, dryness and electrification. Such products create an invisible film which promotes moisture retention inside the structure. To use paired with a wooden comb. Purchase a small version of the spray with an antistatic agent and use throughout the day.

Curls with diffuser. If rain, wind or snow – it is not necessary to align the hair using a flat iron. Make careless stacking or light curls. You can use the diffuser.

Wearitout locking means for the hair. Brands make a whole cosmetic line of hair care products that allow you to save and lock the curls in position. Important point: the hair complicates and makes the hair more “heavy”. Refuse such styling (styling products) in the rainy season.

Weave or tuft on the head – your hair looks great in rainy weather, especially because it is the trend of the season. To dilute the styling by using a variety of pins or a scarf. Comfortable and stylish!

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By the way, got your hat? Mom always feels that we have not forgotten at home hat. And for good reason! It will not only protect the head from cold, but will save your styling. Of course, WOW-the volume will not, but this will keep the overall look. Going into the room – dry spray mini-spray volume at the roots. That’s all!

And you have already seen, when the forecast rain?

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