Béatrice Dalle tells of one experience cannibal made in his youth – Here

Of all the experiences that Béatrice Dalle has tried, it is without a doubt the most shameful. And yet, she had the courage to admit it.

Béatrice Dalle has never had any problem to say what she wanted to say. Did she not hesitate to tell an episode of strong disturbing from his past.

Ames sensitive, you can still stop reading now. For those who wish to continue, we would have warned you.

During an interview published in the newspaper Liberation, the actress has revealed tried cannibalism when she was a young adult. It is with one of her friends, a medical student at the time, she has a day tasted human flesh.

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“In his apprenticeship, she took a course of dissection, and I accompanied her once or twice. (…) The small end of the ear had absolutely no taste. As we had taken a lot of drugs, my girlfriend and I, no matter what we would have eaten it, there would have been no memory “, she revealed.

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During this interview, Beatrice Dalle has also explained why she had wanted to try this experience. “I am ready to experience everything, otherwise the life’s boring to me. What I hold to heart, is not to achieve the physical and moral integrity of the people. From there, I do what I want of my life, ” she added. Uh… the end-to-ear, she ate it because she had the slab ?

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