“Beat, not dwellers devise, kudi stink duty”: Mushroom rescrew the truth about his settimana

«Били, щоб не дивився, куди вони їдуть»: Гриб розкрив всю правду про своє затримання

Freed Ukrainian political prisoner Pavel Grib told about how he got into the hands of the FSB

21-year-old Ukrainian, who on 7 September returned from Russian captivity as part of a major exchange told me about how he was detained during a trip to Belarus. Details of his arrest Fungus has shared in an interview with the BBC-Ukraine.

According to the guy, holding him very tightly, without explaining what’s going on.

“I was detained by a SWAT team is tough. Put the plastic clamps that squeezed my hands and left a scar. Beat that I wasn’t looking somewhere to the side, not looking where they were going,” — said Ukrainian.

When he asked who he was detained, he replied, “Grandfather pihto”. According to Mushroom, he soon realized that it was the Russians.

«Били, щоб не дивився, куди вони їдуть»: Гриб розкрив всю правду про своє затримання

On the question of why the Ukrainian decided to meet a girl in Belarus, the Fungus explained:

“I was offered, providing some guarantees. But I fully understand the risks, though. It was a risk. Such action on my part. But I also had no reason to believe that I’ll really need someone because of some bullshit”.

Paul the Mushroom was lost on 24 August 2017 during a trip to Belarus, where he was to meet with a girl, whom he met in social networks. Later it became known that the young Ukrainian in Russia is in prison. For a long time, it was unknown what the Russians are accusing the Mushroom. They later reported that a Ukrainian girl allegedly discussed the undermining of the school.

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Previously, we wrote about the fact that Paul Mushroom has surprised many, not with a handshake from President Vladimir Zelensky at the exit of the plane after returning home 7 November. Freed admitted that in the bustle he was confused and simply didn’t recognize Vladimir Zelensky.

«Били, щоб не дивився, куди вони їдуть»: Гриб розкрив всю правду про своє затримання

“Unfortunately, I went last. At first just went down, having seen nothing. Then he ran home. I am completely disoriented, strange as it may sound. I did not even realized what was happening. The picture in the eyes flashed. I could not even journalists to look into the eyes. Then dad showed Zelensky. I didn’t recognize him, honestly. Saw that some men in suits stood. Unfortunately, it so happened,” — said the guy.

We will remind, it became known who tried to discredit the exchange of prisoners.

As reported Politeka, the FSB seized the new prisoners, the details of the attack Putin.

Also Politeka wrote that Zelensky has found a solution to the conflict in the Donbass, Putin has no chance.