Bath or shower: how the choice will affect the health of the

Ванна или душ: как выбор отразится на здоровье

Many Ukrainians change their bathroom for showers, but few think about how it will affect health

Today there was a massive fashion for showers. This is largely due to the fact that in modern apartments Ukrainians put the water meters, as they prefer to save. And someone sincerely believes that being in hot water for a long period of time, not very healthy. But whatever your personal causes of failure away from the bathroom, not in a hurry to change it on the shower stall.

Ванна или душ: как выбор отразится на здоровье

Baths have been used since ancient times not only because they were pleased. In fact, baths enhance health.

For example, Cleopatra has retained its spectacular beauty, taking baths from donkey milk, and Winston Churchill was chosen for two hot baths a day to reduce stress levels.

Short bath has a relaxing and refreshing effect on the body. Experts recommend to spend for it not more than half an hour, because it can really work wonders.

Studies show that baths significantly reduce blood pressure, which is extremely important for people suffering from hypertension. Baths improves vision and the health of the kidneys. They accelerate the heartbeat, providing a payload to our hearts.

Bath increases sweating, eliminates toxins, viruses and bacteria, increases the temperature of key muscles of the body blocks pain receptors and provides pain relief.

Also, taking a bath reduces stress and anxiety, improve mood, reduce inflammation, provide good night’s sleep, but the motion of a body in water is very useful for joints, muscles and bones.

Ванна или душ: как выбор отразится на здоровье

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