Based bashes to celebrate 75 years

commandant-base-bagotville-colonel-darcyFighter pilots are known for their passion and their competitive instinct. The current commander of CFB Bagotville, Darcy Molstad, is a typical example. No question, for him, the 2017 edition of the International Air Show is a failure. Conversely, the colonel wants to break records and promises “the best in the history of the base” and “the best in Canada.”

Defiant look, the military insists these mantras several times during the interview, that the direction of 3 Wing has chosen to give the Progrès-Dimanche. A press conference scheduled for April 7 was canceled because the menu of regional news of the day was too busy. A last minute difficulty also retained the City representative, Luc Boivin, away from the base.

The passionate commander is confident that his team, consisting of about fifty people, and hold him the ingredients needed to make the Bagotville International Air Show (SAIB) a success. The challenge is great, because 2017 will mark the 75th anniversary of the regional base and the 50th of the civilian airport Bagotville. Regional therefore expect the “Wow!” Effect If we go by Darcy Molstad, they will not be disappointed.

“The air show is the largest activity in Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and a regional influence. the base door is opened and shown to the public what we do here. The base belongs to them, “says the man in flight suit, the title of commander is accompanied by the president of the show.

No effort will be spared to attract crowds and keep visitors entertained throughout the weekend of June 24 The officer agrees that the decision to invite the public in full weekend of Saint-Jean-Baptiste is a “calculated risk”. However, everything will be done to entertain the Chicoutimi and Jeannois, which according Molstad, will want to spend the National Day.

American planes present

More American aircraft, more historic aircraft, new shows, celestial feats rarely seen before, different activities on Saturday and Sunday, improved children’s section, a sound system more efficient. These are some of the elements that make the difference, in the opinion of the commander. “It will be a formula completely ” revamped ”. There will be more US military aircraft on the ramp. Last year, we were restricted because the show was considered a civil spectacle and there was the kidnapping of planes in the United States. We managed to convince the Americans that it was a show with a military significance. In 2017, there will be no limit, “insists the colonel, who continues to go his contacts in the country of Uncle Sam to attract F-16 and F-22, a type of aircraft 5th generation of which there are only 250 copies worldwide.

Help City

The City and Promotion Saguenay bonifient assisting to the edition 2017 of the SAIB, both in logistical and financial terms. Darcy Molstad reported an “excellent” cooperation offered by the municipal level. This support helps to bring free, an important element. The shuttle service will also be enhanced and further efforts will be made to encourage people to take advantage of public transportation.

A taste of the edition 2017

• The Molstad commander does not exclude the possibility that planes Warbirds, P-51 Mustang, Lancaster or other devices of the Second World War have a prominent place at the show. “The historic aircraft, you’ll see!”

• It is not impossible that the fans can see firsthand the famous F-35 and other aircraft approached to replace the CF-18. The colonel Molstad recognizes that this is a highly political issue, subject to approval of its chain of command. Darcy Molstad believes that if the F-35 has its place, the Eurofighter Typhoon developed by Italy, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain and the French Rafale will also be present.

• To mark the 75th anniversary of the base, a historical book will be published under the pen of the amateur historian Marc-André Valiquette. The author has previously signed Avro Arrow, including Darcy Molstad wrote the preface. The commander repeated the experience by writing the foreword for the next book.

• Seventy-five days before the event, capsules recounting the history of the base will be broadcast on the SAIB website.

• A custom developed mobile application for the show will emerge, allowing visitors to get information about the devices shows on their smartphone as and as they advance on the tarmac. A continuous information service (streaming) will also be available.

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