Barrette reform ignores seniors, denounces AQRP

donald-tremblay-president-national-aqrp(SHERBROOKE) The Quebec Association of Retired (s) in the public and parapublic sectors (AQRP) will tour the province to protest the changes announced by the reform Barrette, where seniors would be forgotten. Clear demands from the Association requesting changes Couillard government.

It is primarily by civic duty than AQRP took the floor to highlight the negative aspects of the reform Barrette. Although the list of claims can be long, the members decided to focus on some points that are essential.

“The administrative monsters”, the CISSS and CIUSSS, prevent the proper management of resources. “The public needs to have access to the right professional at the right time,” says Donald Tremblay, National President AQRP.

“If the Minister believes Barrette solve the problem by dismantling the CLSC in favor of super-clinics or family medicine groups (GMF), we at AQRP, we do not believe that this will benefit the population” says the National President. “Historically, GMF have not often met the contractual requirements linking the accessibility network.”

The availability of doctors is also a gap in the system. “We should not need a doctor to access health services,” says Tremblay. The Association believes that other professionals, such as nurse practitioners, may fill some needs of patients.

And if the waiting lists continue to swell, doctors still have time to choose the patients they add on their list. This is not because a person is first on the list it will access to care. “We believe that seniors could be set aside, since they require more monitoring, more attention, more work,” says Tremblay.

The AQRP is also concerned for seniors who require home care. Jean-Guy Saint-Gelais, Chair of the AQRP-Estrie, recalls that at the time he held the Department of Health, Philippe Couillard announced that the money would be transferred to the detriment of some place in nursing homes, to the home care service. “Unfortunately, the money has not been moved to this service, which brings a serious problem,” Mr. St-Gelais.

To overcome this problem, more affluent elderly begin to call on private home services. They therefore have the chance to have more than one bath a week and have a little more comfort with the services of a nursing home. “It is not everyone who has the means to pay for these services. It makes people more vulnerable vulnerable seniors, “adds Donald Tremblay.

In the early 2000s, Mr. Couillard had decided at that time to unify nursing homes, CLSCs and hospitals in a given area to provide local services to the population. “What Dr. Barrette is doing right now is totally against what has been done by Dr. Couillard. We ask the Prime Minister to dwell on what his Minister of Health, “says Tremblay.

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