Barrette firm has put a spanner in the CHUM

ancien-directeur-general-chum-jacquesNew spark between the Minister of Health and the Hospital of the University of Montreal (CHUM): Gaetan Barrette’s office intervened last fall to stop the demerger of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at the CHUM, and even if the hospital had decided otherwise, learned in La Presse consultant to court documents.

In a letter sent on 6 October by the Deputy Minister Michel Fontaine in CEO of the CHUM, Fabrice Brunet, it says: “We inform you that this decision, which concerns the demerger of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine is not inlined with the vision of the Ministry of Health and social Services. So, we ask you to postpone the implementation of this decision and to maintain the current state the department of radiology and nuclear medicine at your institution. ”

This decision surprised the specialists at the CHUM nuclear medicine. The more that just a few weeks earlier, on 15 August, the former CEO of the CHUM, Jacques Turgeon, had authorized the demerger of the two departments a few days before leaving his post on September 4.

Dr. Michel Picard, current chief of nuclear medicine at the CHUM, said nuclear medicine specialists are generally less numerous than their colleagues radiologists in hospitals. “Having separate departments ensures that nuclear medicine needs are best answered,” he said.

“The demerger would allow better control our administrative environment, says Dr. Soucy. To manage our purchases according to our priorities, for example. But it seems that it will not be possible. ”

The CHUM nuclear medicine department is the heart of a saga for years. In 2007, the department had denounced nucléistes problems of mismanagement and loss of medical isotopes in their department. At the time, CHUM had appointed an accounting firm to conduct an investigation. The findings of this investigation, however, have never been revealed.

In the wake of this crisis, the CHUM has merged its departments of radiology and nuclear medicine in 2011. CHUM nuclear medicine specialists have challenged this decision in court, where the case still walks. The nucléistes felt that the merger was motivated by “a desire for retaliation” in connection with their denunciation of “serious irregularities in the management” of their department.

Then president of the Federation of Medical Specialists of Quebec (FMSQ), Gaétan Barrette, training radiologist, refused to comment on the issue of merger or not of nuclear medicine at the CHUM, merely to point out that elsewhere in Canada the departments of nuclear medicine and radiology were merged.

In 2014, Jacques Turgeon took steps to cancel the merging of nuclear medicine and radiology departments. “The judicial process had been put on ice, until Jacques Turgeon consults people internally and come to a decision,” says Dr. Picard.

In August 2015, Jacques Turgeon finally adopted a resolution authorizing the demerger departments. But on October 6 Quebec came curb this intention.

The minister’s office Barrette, it is indicated that the decision to merge nuclear medicine and radiology affects not only the CHUM, but throughout Quebec. “The Department’s vision is rather to group these departments. We believe this is best for patients and that it allows more efficient use of resources, “says the spokesman of the Minister, Julie White.

Questioned whether the new Director General of the CHUM, Fabrice Brunet, supports the decision of Quebec, the CHUM spokesperson Irene Marcheterre, said the hospital “apply the decision of its Board of Directors in 2011” .

however nucléistes CHUM have not abandoned their criminal record so far. They filed in the fall a re-amended motion requesting that the demerger authorized by Jacques Turgeon is applied.

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