Barrette agree with the late requirements for retired physicians

1216590(Quebec) The Minister of Health, Gaétan Barrette, said he fully agreed Wednesday with the decision of the College of Physicians (CMQ) to prohibit retired physicians prescribe for.
The Quebec Times revealed that in the morning of July 1, the ancient physicians will no longer adhere to the CMQ as “retired members” .

This status allowed them to continue to prescribe drugs on an occasional basis.

This possibility will be taken from them, unless they adhere to their professional order as “active members”. This is much more expensive and is accompanied by the obligation to obtain insurance coverage to protect their patients in a medical error.

The Minister Barrette argued that reform of CMQ is the result of years of discussion in the medical profession. According to him, it will better protect patients.

“To protect the public, it is quite normal to require a doctor when exercising his profession, even briefly, to have the necessary protection to the patient, so an insurance,” explained M . Barrette.

CMQ had more than 2,500 “retired members” on March 31. They had 90 000 orders in 2015.

Some decided to leave the CMQ instead of paying membership fees and higher insurance. Although they will no longer prescribe treatments to relatives or acquaintances, the minister does not fear that the reform still engorge more clinics and hospitals.

“On the side of the college, it really is a public protection issue, said Mr. Barrette. Side access, this is really not an issue: we talk about some prescriptions annually. ”

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