Bari Alibasova put the terrible diagnosis: “It’s not poison”

Бари Алибасову поставили новый страшный диагноз: "Это не отравление"

Well-known Russian producer Bari Alibasov who is still in intensive care after poisoning tool for cleaning pipes, a new diagnosis

72-year-old Bari Alibasova doctors made the diagnosis of “delirium”, that is, he developed “delirium tremens”, reports the Telegram channel 112.

Бари Алибасову поставили новый страшный диагноз: "Это не отравление"

For some time the producer will not be able to be discharged from hospital because the matter is not only in burns of the esophagus and stomach means “Mole”. Other details reporters are not reported.

We will remind that the son of the famous Russian producer Bari Alibasov beat his pregnant wife.

The wife of the son of Bari Alibasov admitted to reporters that her husband beat her in her sixth month of pregnancy.

Violetta Grishina from-for endured stress had to go to the hospital. At the moment the woman is going to file for divorce.

Journalist violet Grishina told about a personal marriage with Bari by Alibasov Jr.

A woman living alone with a newborn baby in Kaliningrad, to help her parents. The girl’s father is in Moscow and did not see the heiress.

Бари Алибасову поставили новый страшный диагноз: "Это не отравление"

Violetta Grishina added that Alibasov Jr. not only showed indifference to her during pregnancy, but was beaten wife.

Once it happened when the woman was already in her sixth month. After the incident she went to the hospital.

“I know what a shame: I don’t know what to tell my daughter when she will arise the question why the dad’s not interested in me,” said violet.

The baby was born in January of this year. From the hospital, the TV presenter met no one. The girl received a double surname Alibasov-Grishina.

Now violet is going to file for divorce. After the wedding the couple made a marriage contract, under which in the event of a divorce the marital property is not divided in half, and remains the property of its owner.

In a candid interview to the program “the Stars aligned” Grishina argued that even refuse child support and inheritance rights of the producer Bari Alibasov senior.

“The question is not even about money, but in love. I really loved him that much,” — said Violetta Grishina.

The producer Bari Alibasov was not aware of the cruel treatment of the son with the daughter-in-law.

We will remind, the misfortune in the family of a famous Russian actress.

As reported Politeka, there are photos from the funeral of Barry Alibasov.

Also Politeka reported that the truth was revealed about the state of Bari Alibasov.