Banning pit bulls, “the easy way”

(Quebec) The death of a woman from Montreal on Wednesday following an attack by a pit bull reopens the debate on the relevance of banning this type of dog. For some, it is better to tighten the regulations on dangerous dogs rather than targeting certain breeds. Quebec and municipalities will study the issue in the coming months.
“Banning is the easy solution,” says Daniel Renaud, owner of Canine Sports Center in Limoilou. Just a few years it was for the banning of pitbull. Over the years, his opinion changed. He even came to adopt Leah, a female pitbull.

For him, the problem lies in the lack of regulations governing the ownership of pit bulls. In fact, the owners are often young people under 30 years. The reputation that has earned the beast encourages more of them to have one for the wrong reasons: fear or love to draw them into attack dogs or fighting.

“In the US, it is up to scrutinize the criminal records of people before granting them the right to have one,” he illustrates. Like what, the problem may also be at each end of the leash.

His thinking also extends to the fact that the owners of a pit bull should be required to sterilize their pet. An effective way to prevent what he called “backyard of couplings.” Similarly, the sale of animals by anyone on classifieds sites should be outlawed.

Mr. Renaud assesses the dangerousness of dogs left in adoption to the SPA of Quebec. The Director General of the organization, Denys Pelletier, reports that 8.2% of the dogs entrusted to the shelter are pitbulls. Of these, 8% were put up for adoption. “It makes me say that there are no problems with pitbulls in Quebec,” he says.

François Labbé is dog at the Academy Tops-k9 Lévis. It shares the opinion of his colleagues. “We must have regulations against dangerous dogs, not against pitbulls. I recommend taking an assessment by a professional and to require owners to take a course. ”

The trainer offers home study courses around the Quebec City area. A dozen of his clients own a pitbull. One at a slight problem of aggression, nothing that can not be resolved. “I notice that people are more responsible. They take courses while they are still puppies. ”

Lévis banned since 2013 breeds pit bull type dogs, as well as hybrid and even dogs of another breed, cross-breed “that have substantial physical characteristics” of a Pit Bull dog.

The spokesman of the City, Stéphane Guay, suggests that the Regulation has helped to reduce the number of complaints against dangerous dogs. He went from ten in 2012 to just two last year.

We can still question the concept of “public safety” as the offending owners receive a ticket – has given the police 30 in 2015 – but never dogs are seized.

In Quebec, the regulation refers to the concept of dangerous dog. Thus, an animal that injures another or a human can be seized and turned over to the pound or even euthanized.

Public Security Issue

Before the Minister of Public Safety, Martin Coiteux, make the announcement of the creation of a working table on regulations surrounding the pitbulls, the Union of Quebec Municipalities (UMQ) confided to the Sun than the standing committee public safety agency had accelerated his thinking on the subject in recent months.

“We are currently documenting all this by looking at what is happening elsewhere. Do we need a law to prohibit, for some dogs muzzle or restrict them to safe places? We’ll see, “said Patrick Lemieux, head of communications for the organization.

President UMQ, Bernard Sévigny, Mayor of Sherbrooke, has itself adopted a regulation on dangerous dogs in the image of that of Quebec. The Quebec Federation of Municipalities will also participate in the work of the table.

In Ontario, the provincial government passed legislation in 2005 to ban pitbulls on its entire territory.

Couillard announced a working group
Contradicting his Minister of Public Safety, Prime Minister Philippe Couillard said Thursday it will form a working group to determine what should be done about pit bulls dogs.

In the aftermath of the horrible death of a Montrealer who was attacked by a pitbull, Mr. Couillard said that the Quebec government has a role to play.

“It is expected that municipalities can do it because it is they who are the closest to the citizens and find challenges and are able to control much more effectively,” said Mr. Couillard.

“But I do not think the state of Quebec can fully discharge its responsibilities on municipalities,” he added.

However, in the morning, the Minister of Public Safety and Municipal Affairs, Martin Coiteux, claimed that responsibility or not to ban this type of dog is outside Quebec, but rather municipalities. At most he would say that “thinking was to take place.”

“It is not under provincial legislation that is in the field, he added. Today is a municipal responsibility. ”

Ontario had yet passed a law in 2005 to ban this breed of dog.

strong perception

The spokesman of the Parti Québécois in municipal affairs, Martin Ouellet believes that the Quebec government must act.

“The drama of yesterday left a strong perception among the public about the real danger of this kind of animal in the communities. Today, the government can not pass and put the ball in the camp of municipalities. The death of this lady is one death too many, “Mr. Ouellet said in a statement.

For the member caquiste Sylvie D’Amours, the announcement of the task force is insufficient because the time for reflection is over, she considers.

“I think we made the time to legislate. Long time talking about it. It took a death for us begins to awaken. It’s been over a year since I spoke to the Minister, and [Wednesday] it happened a serious accident, there is death of anyone, and we are still saying: ” We will discuss’ ” , she lamented.

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