Balance sodium-potassium: doctors revealed the perfect formula of power

Баланс натрий-калий: медики раскрыли идеальную формулу питания

A large part of the excess of salt is not table salt and prepared foods

One of the important indicators of the quality of our diet is a balance of sodium-potassium. Doctors claim that the closer he is to “old” values, the healthier we will be, reports the Telegram-channel 25-th hour.

If we analyze the diet of the average person, we understand that a large part of the excess of salt is not table salt and prepared foods, such as bread, confectionaries, semi-finished products, sausages, etc.! In 100 grams of sausage – more than 3 grams of salt. There, sodium is found not only in the form of salt (sodium chloride), but also in other forms (sodium bicarbonate, sodium glutamate, sodium benzoate, etc.). The rule is very simple: reduce sodium, increase potassium in the diet.

Баланс натрий-калий: медики раскрыли идеальную формулу питания

According to the manual of nutrition (USA): consumption of sodium to 1,500 mg per day and potassium is 4700 mg per day. Such a quantity of salt is contained in a normal animal products.

It is not only figures, but the ratio of Na To! In the average Western diet, people consume sodium in 2-4 times more than normal, and potassium is 2-3 times less than normal. The optimal ratio of sodium to potassium in the diet was 1:3 to 1:4. The more you eat salt, the higher the risk of obesity, stronger than hunger, need to drink more water and higher risks of autoimmune diseases!

Was recently named a common mistake dieters.

Баланс натрий-калий: медики раскрыли идеальную формулу питания

“The people who are on extreme diets, as a rule, the level of salt in the body exceeded at times, resulting in fluid retention in the body. This is especially true for diets rich in meat, which leads to kidney problems.

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