Bad mood: what happens to memory when you’re sad

Плохое настроение: что происходит с памятью, когда вы грустите

Scientists have discovered how the human brain during sadness and depression

Scientists from the University of California using intracranial electroencephalography found that the negative emotions associated with the active exchange of signals between the amygdala and the hippocampus.

The experiment involved the patients in connection with the upcoming operation of the implanted electrodes in the brain. These were predominantly patients with epilepsy, they are usually implanted electrodes to identify areas of brain damage.

Плохое настроение: что происходит с памятью, когда вы грустите

For 7-10 days the study participants kept diaries of mood, and the researchers tracked their brain activity. It turned out that 13 out of 21 patients in a bad mood was due to the intensification of connections between the amygdala (a brain area involved in processing emotions) and the hippocampus, responsible for memory.

“The idea that memories about negative experiences and negative emotions in the present are closely linked is the old psychiatric concept, which lies at the basis of cognitive behavioral therapy. Our findings may provide a biological basis to explain this relationship,” said psychiatrist Vikaas Soul.

While it remains unclear what exactly are these processes in the brain: cause or consequence of sadness. But there is no doubt that anxiety, depression and just in a bad mood have a physical manifestation in the brain.

“For many patients it is important to know that when they feel overwhelmed, this is due to the measurable and real processes in their brain,” notes Seal.

Плохое настроение: что происходит с памятью, когда вы грустите

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According to him, the results of the study may be useful for the development of new methods in the treatment of depression and anxiety disorders by suppressing the connection between the amygdala and the hippocampus.

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