Bad habits that make it difficult to find inner harmony

These habits poison our lives, and we don’t even notice it happening, considering that everything is in order.

Шкідливі звички, які заважають знайти внутрішню гармонію

All constantly talk about the dangers of Smoking, well, it’s long been known, no one argues that we should quit. But in the life of each person there are still a few things that every day bring him harm. They poison the life, and we don’t even notice it happening, considering that everything is in order, informs Rus.Media.

We go to the gym, eating salads, refuse alcohol and Smoking, but continue to be jealous, hold grudges and constantly complain about your life. Maybe it’s time to drop it? In fact it affects our health, and how!

Here are 4 toxic habits that prevent find inner harmony :


This is another dirty trick, which does not enjoy neither my success nor the success of other. Social networking is a great tool for the development of envy. In real life, is also quite envy, which makes you sad for the past life, thinking that it really is. What to do with it?

If you are even one day switched places with the other person (who you envy), you would did not like. All their suffering and its rewards, and others no better than their own.

You can’t compare yourself to anyone, each had their past, talents and opportunities, problems and unhappiness. Just don’t compare, there is no criteria by which it would be possible to do it.


If you look very resentment, it turns out that this mismatch of reality to your expectations.

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For example, imagine that you stumbled in the street, fell, hurt hurt and scattered products. Not far from this unfortunate incident, was a blind beggar who asks for alms. You can’t expect he will rush to help you, so no grudge against him can not be. But if I was standing next to your co-worker from work and just watched you crawl on the asphalt, collecting the scattered oranges, the offense would be serious and for life.

How to get rid of this

Not to worry, you just do not expect anything from people. They don’t owe you anything: don’t have to be polite, nice, caring, understanding, friendly. Take it as it is.

Of course, this does not mean that you need to communicate even with the bullies, the people who you have no respect, and other unpleasant types. Just draw your own conclusions, with whom you want to continue to communicate, and who needed to say goodbye. No offense life will be much easier.


Complaints become a habit, and if people get used to complaining, no matter how he is life, he will still find something to complain. If a person always complains, so she’s seen only the negative side, sees only problems, and hurry to tell everyone.

No objective evaluation of their life, there is only how you see it. If you see only the negative, only he is. And all for what? For the sake of sympathetic looks from the outside?


We are so happy to condemn others, personally and collectively. Gossip all, regardless of gender and age.

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Look at this: you cannot condemn other people without applying the same criteria of evaluation to himself. How many times have I noticed how the people who explode and shout at others for his shortcomings, in the same way I scold myself for the errors, if not harder.

So the condemnation of the two sides. One of them is the condemnation of others, and the second a loved one (in this case, not loved).

What to do

In this world, everyone has the right to be wrong, and everything is so different that the objective assessment of the actions, again, can not be. You’ve never been in the shoes of the other person, don’t know how she lives, how he lived before, what thoughts are swirling in my head. It’s like that to comment on a football match blindly, relying only on the screams from the stands.

Oh, and as for the condemnation of yourself – the person you know very well, just remember that it may not lead to anything. Never. Probably, this habit remained from the parents, as the copied model behavior, but it motivates exactly nobody. On the contrary, makes you feel like a loser, suck it up and suffer. And to complain, perhaps.

All bad habits

I have long seen this practice, probably many have heard about it because it was very popular in the network for some time. The practice is called “purple bracelet”.

This practice was offered in 2006, the priest will Bowen. The point is that we should put on hand purple bracelet 21 days to live without complaints, criticism of yourself and others, gossip and statements of discontent (envy here is her statement of dissatisfaction). You can think, the main thing is not to talk. If a person fails, he puts a bracelet on the other arm and the 21 days starts over again.

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It turned out that it is incredibly difficult. The next day I had to change my bracelet at work, expressed his discontent for some reason. Then again and again. Disguise it had 2-3 times a day, although I would never call myself a whiner and complaining type.

Now even sell these bracelets would be the idea, there are people that will sell it. Perhaps the money does not give just give up, but that’s not the point.

You can make a bracelet, tie on the hand of a simple thread of any color or to use for this purpose the ring will transfer from one hand to the other. The most important thing here is to finally quit toxic thoughts.

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