Bad colds: foods that will only worsen the condition

Вредно при простуде: продукты, которые только ухудшат состояние

The common cold is recommended to eliminate from the diet certain foods that can worsen the condition

So the common cold doesn’t linger, try to avoid these foods while sick:


In the period of colds and flu it is recommended to completely give up sweets. The fact that sweet foods reduce the activity of leukocytes, which help fight harmful bacteria and viruses. Besides, some foods can irritate a sore throat, which further worsen the situation.

Вредно при простуде: продукты, которые только ухудшат состояние


The use of alcohol, even in small quantities, dehydrates the body. During cold, our body spends too much water, trying to fight the viruses. Thus, while drinking alcohol, you can greatly complicate the healing process.

Вредно при простуде: продукты, которые только ухудшат состояние

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Also it should be understood that alcohol has a negative effect on the liver, which in the period of a cold is trying to quickly bring all the toxins from the body. Yes, and there are no drugs against influenza, which can be used in parallel with alcohol.

Seeds and nuts

The benefits of eating nuts and seeds undoubtedly high, but during a cold these products it is better to eliminate from your diet. The fact that these products are quite difficult to digest, which requires additional energy. During a cold the body is doing its best to overcome the virus and spend the lion’s share of energy digesting heavy foods is not necessary.

Fast food and meat products

For anybody not a secret that convenience food and fast food is a little food, which, moreover, and difficult to digest. As in the case of nuts and seeds, no need to load the body of a meal, if you want a speedy recovery. Try on the illness completely eliminate such foods from your diet.

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Вредно при простуде: продукты, которые только ухудшат состояние

Dairy products

A glass of hot milk, with butter — probably the most popular way of struggle with cough. However, scientific evidence work this way. But about the negative impact of dairy products in the period of influenza is. The fact is that eating dairy products, in humans, is formed of extra mucus in the throat. This may complicate the situation, especially when “wet” cough. Moreover, many cheeses and butter are not recommended to use with most of the antibiotics against the flu.

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