Bacteria and viruses claim the lives of children and adults: what you need to know about meningitis

Бактерии и вирусы уносят жизни детей и взрослых: что нужно знать о менингите

This disease is considered very dangerous and if not treated on time and quickly, you can die

Meningitis is an inflammation that affects the shell-like spinal cord and brain. The disease arises from a viral or bacterial activity.


The vast majority of cases, the disease is characterized by acute development, in which you experience the following symptoms:

Бактерии и вирусы уносят жизни детей и взрослых: что нужно знать о менингите

the sudden increase of the General temperature;
— nausea, vomit eruption;
— pain in the head (particularly in the neck);
— chills;
— pain and aches in joints, muscles;
— increase heart rate;
— rash of the skin;
— increased muscle tone in the neck;
— muscle spasms.

Such manifestations are a substantial reason for the earliest and seek medical help.

Where does

Бактерии и вирусы уносят жизни детей и взрослых: что нужно знать о менингите

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The incident

The disease can be triggered by the development of infectious processes of viral and bacterial origin. Most often, the disease develops as a result of activity of such microorganisms:

— meningococcus;
— coli Haemophilus influenzae type b (Haemophilus influenzae);
— Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex (MTBC);
— Escherichia coli;
— pneumococci;
— streptococci.

In children, the cause of the disease, as a rule, is enterovirus infection. In most cases, the disease is transmitted by airborne droplets. Also medicine known cases, when infection of baby occurs in the process of labor. Equally often, the infection gets into the human body once bitten, rats, mice, insects.

Also the causes of the disease associated with the ingestion of infected food or water. Viral meningitis, can affect the person as a result of traumatic brain damage, and in the case of tumor of the brain.

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As a rule, in the adult human body the bacteria causing the meningitis cause tonsillitis or a sore throat. However, in some cases, the infection can reach the brain, causing inflammation. Adult meningitis can often occur as a complication of sinusitis, tuberculosis, etc.

How to detect

The first diagnostic step is a visual examination by a doctor, and a collection of complaints obtained from the patient or his parents. A more informative value in the diagnosis of meningitis, has a spinal tap (lumbar puncture). The objective of this method is examination of the cerebrospinal fluid of the patient.

Бактерии и вирусы уносят жизни детей и взрослых: что нужно знать о менингите


Meningitis is an extremely challenging and threatening disease, so treatment should proceed strictly stationary conditions. Conservative treatment of meningitis involves the reception of such antibiotic drugs. Remember, if time does not go to the doctor, meningitis can lead to death.

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