Back Canadian championship Canoeing Whitewater in Jonquiere

carl-gaudreault-directeur-promotion-kykFor the first time since 2008, the Canadian Whitewater Canoeing Championship is back in the region. From 15 to 21 August, more than 300 athletes, coaches and chaperones are expected on the Sables River, the Cepal sector.

The organization, which hopes to attract 2,000 spectators during the event, has also planned several activities to discover the extreme sport to the population. The disciplines of slalom and downhill are scheduled. The city of Valleyfield will receive kayakers to test the freestyle. Quebec receives the national championship once every four years.

“The goal is to discover the region athletes and bring sport to the citizens”, said the director of the organizing committee of four, Katia Bourgault Tuesday afternoon at a press conference in the Hopera microbrewery and pizzeria in Jonquière. We want to create a great experience for both participants and citizens. ”

A popular site

The Sables River will be the playground of those who want to put their skills to test kayakers. For in addition to members of the national team that will be present, the competition is open to everyone.

“We have the Canadian slalom course that athletes most looking forward to hitting, shared the representative of the Quebec Federation of whitewater canoeing (fqckev), Patrick Levesque. They want to come here even if it does not train regularly. Athletes who will go to the Olympics hope to be back in time to go to Cépal. It is a beautiful pride for us. ”

In 1979, the Sables River had hosted the World Whitewater Canoeing Championship, in addition to receiving other major competitions in the following years. Even today, the participants at the time did not forget the site and reconnect with the river rapids, said Patrick Levesque. “It is a course known internationally,” he pointed.

Carl Dufour adviser was present at the press conference. The president of Jonquiere praised the quality of the organizing committee.

“It was easy to sell the project to advisors because we saw that it was serious, he said. This is a great opportunity to discover a single sector. The area of ​​the Sables River, this is one of our jewels in the district. “Mr. Dufour, however, should stay away from troubled waters.

“Contact with water are not part of my strength and my only experience was a rafting excursion which ended very badly,” he warned, without revealing more about his misadventure.

special beer

Partner of the Canadian championship, the microbrewery Hopera prepared a special beer for the occasion. The Booty Beer, an IPA beer “aggressive and hopped while having a fineness” according to the brewer, will be served a good part of the summer.

The name of the beer comes from an old tradition to the effect that a kayaker who fell from his boat had to drink his beer directly into his boot neoprene. We were assured, however, that the neoprene was not part of the ingredients in the design of nectar …

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