Baby burned by an ethanol fireplace

selon-premieres-evaluations-bebe-trois(Quebec) A three month old baby and aunt suffered second degree burns on Saturday night in Beauport, when ethanol fireplace ignited suddenly inside a gazebo in which they were.

Quebec firefighters received a call at 7:35 p.m. to rescue the two wounded. A fireball would have escaped from the table of ethanol fireplace during an accidental manipulation in a gazebo on the back patio of the residence of 709 Rowan Street in Beauport. According to preliminary assessments, the baby and her aunt sixty years have both suffered second degree burns to his face and arms.

There was no flame paramedics arrived and firefighters, but the walls of the gazebo were slightly burned. The paramedics quickly gave first aid to the two victims before transporting them to the hospital of the Child Jesus.

Another woman was also taken to hospital for nervous shock.

According to relatives of the family encountered by the Sun, the home was installed in accordance with recommended standards. It might, however, that someone inside the gazebo has tried to fill the ethanol fireplace while it was still hot.


The ethanol fireplaces are a growing concern of the Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ), which offers several tips from their use, including:

• Make sure the fireplace is certified.

• Use the device as a decorative object and not heating.

• Move the home only when switched off and empty of fuel.

• Never fill the home when it operates or when it is hot.

• Use only ethanol recommended by the manufacturer.

• Never smoke near the fireplace.

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