Avtodor Rivne region urged to protect the “turn of death”

Автодор Ривненской области призвали обезопасить "поворот смерти"

Nearly eight dozen accidents over 9 years in the same place

Nearly eight dozen accidents over 9 years in the same place. On the international highway Kyiv-Chop is one of the most dangerous areas in Ukraine. Why there are people dying – find out our correspondents.

Here turned over the bus with fifty people inside. Seven passengers were injured. Not managed to pull out of a ditch by a bus like there on speed flew into a SUV. In this accident killed an official from the capital. And this is the truck ran over a cyclist and overturned.

The mother of three children in a serious condition in intensive care. All of these accidents occurred in July in the same place. At the turn of the village Ptich Rivne oblast. The villagers call it the “death turn”.

“There are accidents duzhe bagato. Well, not Yak skin day, a day that’s for sure. Duzhe bagato accidents, duzhe bagato ITV subira,” says Faith, a resident of the village of Avian.

In this place after the sharp turn the road from Lviv to Kiev direction of the four-lane highway goes to two-lane. Despite numerous warning signs, many drivers are rushing at full speed and flies off the road.

“In 2012, Bula building in ekspluatatsiyu after reconstructs Dana road. For Tsey hour period safaa 77 dorozhno-transportnykh need, s yakih 26 s Poterie, in yakih 10 osib zaginul the 50 osib tremolo, traume”, – says Sergey Kohanyuk, head of road safety the soft starter is in the Rivne region.

This road was reconstructed for Euro 2012. Passed in a short time. About the safety of the motorists did not care – they say a patrol. A turn made too steep. To fit into it at speed almost impossible.

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“Acbi whil CCB bi Plavni, avtomobl just igali b z I b TSE could prizvesti to poskozeni lachey transport zasobiv ABO to netacnih telesna escojer”, – says Sergey Kohanyuk, head of road safety the soft starter is in the Rivne region.

This section of road serves Dubno branch of the Avtodor. His head after another accident patrol receives instruction and the Protocol on adminnarushenii. This is the tenth such document.

“Specified, vdevice metalive ogorojennaja, TSE times, respectively to DSTU I wasiati Dana delanco road – zmenshiti a ditch”, – says Konstantin Semeniuk, Department of safety of traffic of SCP in the Rivne oblast.

After a visit to patrol the highways has decided to secure the corner… and filled the ditch with sand.

Their guilt in a large number of accidents on this corner, the road do not recognize. But experts say, to protect the movement – this section of the road need to align. But it’s an expensive project and funds for the reconstruction of the way in Oblavtodor not provided.

“Yea road, Yak Bula spracovane not us, Yak Bula spracovane Stolichnie experts, Yak was bucuvalas to Euro 2012, won spracovane so, sama W CIM turn. Now those scho Mauger to do Oblavtodor Chi INSHI pdragon organization, TSE zmenshiti injuries”, – says Dmitry Leontius, assistant chief of the Rivne Oblavtodor.

In the meantime, in particular to decide what to do with the “Turn of death” – drivers need in this place is possible to slow down.

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