Avoid these phrases in communicating with your loved one, and then the relationship will be genuine, warm and durable

Phrases that categorically it is impossible to speak to the man.

Уникайте цих фраз у спілкуванні зі своєю коханою людиною, і тоді відносини стануть щирими, теплими і міцними

There are several phrases which it is impossible to speak to her beloved. These seemingly innocuous words, degrading manhood and insult.

I’ll do it myself

You are a woman, and therefore, near you your man needs to feel earner, a strong warrior and a wall, for which at the critical moment to hide. Of course, nobody doubts that you can and in a hot house in, and a galloping horse to stop, and with bullies in a dark alley to investigate. But why? Their own you generate in your male irresponsibility and complete lack of desire to help you. If you live by the principle “I myself”, do not be surprised that in a few years your beloved will lie at the TV, while you can hammer in nails and carry heavy bags from the store, informs Rus.Media.

Where have you been?

If a man wants to tell you how he spent the day, he will do it. Your interrogation you will show their distrust, and that means I will emphasize to him your own insecurities. Don’t try to control the life of his beloved and trust him more, then it will start to report to you, marveling at the lack of control.

You don’t understand me

Very often women don’t understand themselves. How is it possible he went for a lipstick, I bought shoes? It is impossible to understand or explain! And after that, women require their men of understanding.

Do you love me?

Women love with their ears, and they always need a proof of love. Men, most of them prove their feelings not by words but in other ways, phone calls, gifts, affection, care and compliments. Each time requiring the confirmation of love, you don’t improve relations, and this can be annoying.

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You can’t

When a woman is not sure her man is half the trouble. But when she’s not confident in his ability – it’s a disaster! In relations man and woman should support each other and help in everything. Let your favorite and not a superhero, and he often failures happen, but that is no reason each time to RUB his nose in his mistakes and say that he is not able to do something. Eventually he will find one that they will admire and extol. And it was with this woman he will succeed.

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