Autumn took off: the weatherman provided a fresh prognosis

Осень взяла отгулы: синоптики  представили свежий прогноз

Summer decided not to put on the threshold of autumn. However, only during the day. Nights a very different picture. That forecasters have for us today? Read the weather forecast for Wednesday, September 11

As predicted by the meteorologist, Ukrainians waiting for a cloudy day, rain we can not promise.

In the Western Ukraine is going to be Sunny. Night temperature is already quite autumn +10…12°, in the afternoon a lot more fun to +26…+28.

Clearly in the North. At night, the thermometers in the region would also be cool +10…12, in the afternoon is much warmer to +25…+27°.

In the East, a few clouds. The nights here are cool +7…+9° C, but the day is much warmer, up to +25…+27°.

In the Center of Ukraine also without precipitation. Here at night will be +11…+13 and the day to +26…+28.

In the South Sunny. Night in the region +15…+17, in the afternoon on thermometers will be up to +27…+29°.

Storm clouds will pass and the Crimea. Night on the Peninsula the air temperature will be +15…+17, in the afternoon will rise to +26…+28°.

In Kiev , partly cloudy weather. A night in the capital +12…+14° C, and at +26…+28.

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Eastern wind of his power and speed is 5-10 m/s.

Осень взяла отгулы: синоптики  представили свежий прогноз

Recall, summer has left Ukraine, the cold snap will break even at the resorts.

As reported Politeka, August will force the Ukrainians to suffer: forecasters presented a disappointing forecast.

Also Politeka wrote that the anomalous weather led to the disaster: all records broken.